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From Singapore to KL
by Train
Ben van Wijnen

There are 3 trains from Singapore (Woodlands) to Kuala Lumpur (KL Sentral Sentral Kuala Lumpur). Singapore and Malaysia have agreed to build a high speed rail link between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore by 2020. The high speed link will cut travelling time between the two destinations to just 90 minutes. But at the moment there are 3 trains going. From Singapore to Kuala Lumpur takes 6 hours by leisurely daytime train or 7 hours on a time-effective overnight sleeper.

First class

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The train is clean, fair condition, good services, and has decent food. It is very safe, and probably is the safest way to get from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. Before 30 June 2011, you'd have left from the faded colonial grandeur of Singapore's 1932 art deco railway station, now you leave from Woodlands Train Checkpoint in the north of Singapore Island, rumbling slowly over the famous 1923-built causeway across the Johor Strait into Malaysia and through the palm plantations and jungle towards Kuala Lumpur.


The trip cost me a few years ago MYR 33 (USD$10) for 2nd class seat , MYR39 (USD$12.50) for 2nd class sleeper, MYR114-135 (USD$36-43) for 1st class deluxe sleeper (private cabin sleeper with private shower /toilet and LCD TV). Clicking on the banner below  will show the new prices.....
Note that this is cheaper than the 4-5 hr bus ride which cost about USD$40, and definitely cheaper than the cheapest Air ticket you can find. Plus, train travel usually comes with beautiful scenery of the countryside, munching on train station food, or perhaps a nice/efficient/cheap sleep with an overnight train.

The easiest, cheapest, and best way to buy the ticket is to just book from the banner below, which you can pay by credit card and print out your own ticket (or collect the tickets at any Malaysian KTM railway station including Singapore Woodlands). You can also buy it from the station or call the KTM (Malaysian Railways) call centre.

The reservation open 60 days before departure and YES you need to have a reservation (one cannot just hop on and off). When booking the tickets online, make sure to choose Sentral Kuala Lumpur, not Kuala Lumpur, as those are 2 different stations and your train options are different.

As noted earlier, if you organize your trip from Singapore the fare will be done in Singapore dollar and will cost you about 2.5x what it would have cost if you originate from Malaysia.
Basically, you should organize your trip from JB Sentral in Johor Bahru. Buy a ticket from JB Sentral to KL Sentral. You can then find a way to get from Singapore to JB Sentral. There are many buses to JB Sentral from downtown Singapore.

Popular train tickets from Singapore
  • S$ 34.00++Train from Singapore to KL Sentral
  • S$ 16.00++Train from Singapore to Kluang
  • S$ 11.00++Train from Singapore to JB Sentral
  • S$ 21.00++Train from Singapore to Segamat
  • S$ 30.00++Train from Singapore to Seremban
  • S$ 48.00++Train from Singapore to Ipoh
  • S$ 53.00++Train from Singapore to Taiping
  • S$ 60.00++Train from Singapore to Butterworth

These prices are subject to change

Popular train tickets from Malaysia
  • RM 34.00++Train from KL to Singapore
  • RM 33.00++Train from KL to Johor Bahru
  • RM 25.00++Train from KL to Ipoh
  • RM 39.00++Train from KL to Alor Setar
  • RM 48.00++Train from KL to Hatyai
  • RM 34.00++Train from Butterworth to KL
  • RM 12.00++Train from Ipoh to KL
  • RM 33.00++Train from Johor Bahru to KL

These prices are subject to change


The KTM Berhad Train service provide several class of cabin for customer selection:

KTM Berhad - ETS Gold / Silver ETS Train
- Currently only run between Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh
- Maximum speed 140 km/h
- Some ETS trains have a small and comfortable cafe
KTM Berhad - Premier Class Premier Class
- Comfortable 3 seats in a row
- Air conditioned
- Toilet provided.
KTM Berhad - Superior Class Superior Class
- 4 seats in a row
- Air conditioned
- Toilet provided.
KTM Berhad - Economy Class Economy Class
- Not adjustable 4 seat in a row
- Air conditioned
- Toilet provided.
KTM Berhad - Premier Night Deluxe Class Premier Night Deluxe Class
- 1 or 2-bed private rooms with en suite toilet & shower
- Air conditioned
- All necessary bedding, towels and toiletries are provided
KTM Berhad - Superior Class Premier Night Standard Class
- Basin available
- Air conditioned
- Bedding, towels and toiletries are provided
KTM Berhad - Superior Night Deluxe Class Superior Night Deluxe Class
- Open-plan, with upper and lower berths arranged along each side of a central aisle running down the middle of the coach
- Curtain available for each bed
- Available on all overnight train.

Note that many web search will say that there are no food/drinks at Woodland station and they recommend you to be prepare with materials from elsewhere. This is not miss-leading. It is correct that there are absolutely nothing inside the train station or the ticketing area. However, 100 meters across the street from the ticketing area, you will find a large shopping center/food complex, where there are many grocery stores, hawker stalls, and plenty of food and tiger beer to keep you spirit alive.





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