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Petronas Towers
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"If you are in Kuala Lumpur you should definitely visit the Petronas Towers, what a view from floor 86. The tour starts on the connecting bridge on floor 41, here you can enjoy the view for 10 minutes, then continue to floor 86. Although it was hazy, we were able to take beautiful photos."


The Sky Bridge and the Observation Deckof the PETRONAS Twin Towers are open for public from Tuesday to Sunday.
The Ticket Counter opens at 8.30am on every operational days. A ticket cost RM80.- Children pay RM30. Daily some 800 tickets are being sold. A ticket gives you access to the Sky Bridge and Observation Deck.
The visiting hours is from 9.00am to 21.00pm.
The towers are closed every Monday and on Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Aidiladha.
The ticket counter is located at the Concourse Floor (underground) of the PETRONAS Towers. The floor can be accessed from both Towers. The Sky Bridge is located at the 41st/42nd level and the Observation Deck is located at level 86.


Once the Petronas Towers were the highest buildings in the world. At the moment it's the Burj Khalifa in Dubai The Petronas Towers are 452 meters tall.
Also the KL-Tower in Kuala Lumpur is just a little bit higher than the Petronas Towers, but that's a little joke: the KL-Tower (Telecommunication Tower) has been built on a hill and that's why it is a bit higher.

The PETRONAS Towers have become the the most important landmark of Malaysia. Even locals from small villages in Borneo in the jungle, who mostly have never even been in the capital; they all know the PETRONAS Towers from commercials on the television.

The two towers are connected by a sky bridge. When you want to visit the towers, then the sky bridge is the highest point you can get. At this level is also a restaurant located.

The attraction is opened daily between 9am and 9m (closed on Mondays and closed for Friday prayer between 1pm and 2.30pm). On the ticket it will say at what time you are expected at the entrance. Pick a clear day for your visit, so you will have a better view of the whole city.
Before you go up the towers, you will first be seated in a small movie theatre to watch a short film about the company PETRONAS.
After the movie you may enter the fast elevator that brings you to the 86th floor. Here you can enjoy the wonderful views for about 20 minutes, before heading down towards the Sky Bridge for another 20 minutes.

You can collect your free tickets at the ground floor.
The elevator, which brings you to the sky bridge, is located in the basement of the building. 



xx You can see the Petronas Towers almost everywhere in the city. And when you're staying in the Golden Triangle, you can go walking.

At the feet of the Petronas Towers is the trendy shopping mall  "Suria KLCC" located. The shopping mall has very expensive shops like: Armani, Chopard, Hermes, Gucci. 

In these Petronas Towers are also a cinema, concert hall, conference hall and some prayer rooms for the Muslim.
At the highest level (6) is a small museum of the Petronas Oil Company, of which Malaysia is very proud.
When you're renting a car in Malaysia, you will see a lot of petroll stations of the Petronas Oil Company.

The building was designed by Cesar Pelli and has by its rounding some Islamic influences.
There are 88 floors and for building the Towers the used a lot of steel and glass. This skyscraper has 32.000 windows en mostly used as a office building.


Number of storeys

Overall height 452 metres above street level
Design/Architecture Cesar Pelli & Associates (USA) in association with KLCC architects
Location of the Sky Bridge Levels 41 and 42
Length of the sky bridge 58.4 metres
Heigth of the Sky Bridge 170 metres
Vertical transportation 29 double-deck high speed passenger lifts in each tower
Number of escalators 10 in each tower
Stainless steel cladding 65,000 sq metres
Vision glass 77,000 sq metres
Concrete 160,00 cubic metres in the superstructures
Steel 36,910 tonnes of beams, trusses and reinforcement
Foundation 4.5 metres thick raft containing 13,200 cubic metres of grade 60 reinforced concrete, weighing approximately 32,550 tonnes under each tower, supported by 104 barette piles varying from 60 to 115 metres in length
Total built-up area 341,760 sq metres
Date of completion 1997
There's a competition, which country has the highest building? 
One thing is clear: The Petronas Towers are the most beautiful.

Other tall buildings are ( the highest at thetop):

Burj Khalifa - Dubai (828 metres)

Bamboo Shoot - Taipeh (Taiwan) (508 metres)
CN-Towers - Toronto
World Financial Center - Shanghai
Petronas Towers - Kuala Lumpur
Sears Tower - Chicago (Illenois)
Jin Mao Building - Shanghai


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