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a walk through the jungle

"When arriving at the island, this property is such a standout landmark sitting at the top of a forested reef, similar to what we'd see along the amalfi coast in Italy. Situated about a 10-min walk from a beautiful stretch of beach (Old turtle sanctuary), the staff are friendly and helpful, the rooms are spacious but clean and the view is great. You either need to rent a motorcycle, a bicycle or walk."


Through the jungle

10 hours of sleep left us feeling awesome as we woke in paradise. The tide was right in and butterflies fluttered all over the bougainvilleas outside our hut. Today we were going to do the 7km hike up over the island to Juara beach on the other side. By the time we’d managed to find some breakfast and get instructions the day was hot. We had to firstly walk into Tekek then head into the jungle. The first part took us around the water so clear we could see the sea life.

The jungle was thick but thankfully cooler. Huge trees like Kauri dotted the surrounds. Lots of lizards but not much other visible wildlife. About halfway up we came across two German girls who had turned back as they were scared of the monkeys ahead. Andy shepherded us past the family of monkeys and on we continued to climb up through the jungle. We eventually reached the top but there were no views due to the density of the bush around us. Eventually on the way down the other side the path turned in to a road that deposited us at Juara beach and village.


The beach was stunning. Long white sand with gentle waves and even less people. We wandered up and down before settling on a spot. A little burger shack provided lunch and we dived into the waves while waiting on our order. After lunch we explored the rocks at the end of the beach looking for places to snorkel but it was a bit rough so we settled with swimming in the waves and lounging on the sand. The 4WD taxi trip back to our side of the island was a little hair-raising and beautiful too as the newly concreted road wound steeply up then down across the island. At some point it was a 45 degree angle. The cars can only go so far so we walked the rest of the way stopping for a beverage and garlic pizza bread at Sunset bar. Again cooling off in the crustal clear water while waiting for our order.

Back at Bamboo Hill Chalets we had one final swim before it was Andy’s turn to beat me at cards on the deck. Perfectly positioned the deck gave us perfect people watching views and the hours of selfie taking was highly amusing, watching people dump their trash on the beach not so. I had to intervene at one point.

We got a takeaway from the usual place, still the only restaurant on ABC open and took it down to the one bar to eat with a beer and a few whiskeys. We chatted to a few people and discovered it is mainly a diving community and a few locals. Let’s hope it stays that way.

The road Tekek - Juara




Easy Booking Bustickets Online:


In Mersing is a travel office, which "picks up" all tourists for Tioman from the buses. Then they tell you, that you must book at them, because everything is "full" on Tioman. Be careful, because now you're paying far too much for your accommodation, which you have never seen. The chalet you've booked is mostly a disappointment. The boat trip you can book at them, but don't book the accommodation.
There's enough accommodation on the island.
Take only a one way ticket by boat
, because then you can choose the boat on your way back to the mainland. The name of this travel agent is: "Island Connection". The people on Tioman don't like that way of dealing, because they can't rent a chalet themselves. Most of the tourists are going to the village of the travel agent.

Are you going to dive with the "Sunrise Dive Centre", then you can get a direct boat to Juara.
Consult for that the dive school.





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