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"Tioman Island has a number of villages in its western side, and one such village is Paya Village. Paya Village finds itself between Genting Village and Tekek Village and is thus located on the route that the passenger boats take to go to the other villages on the island. Paya village makes it on the list of the Tioman Travel Guide since it has one of the best beaches in the island which is made up of golden sand and also the mountains here are high and majestic adding further aesthetic value to the village. Paya Island also has some excellent resorts and hotels which offer amazing services coupled with delicious food and refreshing drinks."

Kampong Paya

Kampong Paya a small kampong and beach on the west coast of Pulau Tioman, south of Tekek and north of Genting. When you come from Mersing by boat, it is the second stop on the island. The first stop is Genting. You can make a ferry reservation by clicking on the banner below.
Paya is a popular tourist resort, especially by Singaporean visitors and families, with two large resorts and a small budget hotel that offers chalet accommodation. The beach stretches for more than half a kilometer. The beach is a beautiful expanse of fine white sand surrounded by swaying trees.
The deeper water at the jetty and the neighbouring Tomok Island are the right places, where the living coral reefs are for snorkelling activities. The cooling mountain streams, spectacular rock formations and lush rainforest faces form the hilly backyard of Paya. You have a beautiful view of Gunung Kajang. The village is named after its abundance of mangrove swamps - 'Paya' in the local language.
There are three mini-markets, where you can buy anything. The articles sold here are quite varied; soft plastic toys, scoops and sieves for building sandcastles, T-shirts for those who have not brought enough clothes, bread / food for the fish, ice cream, snacks, etc. These stores (one of which with air conditioning) do not belong to any of the resorts. There is internet in the kampong.

Behind the sloppy wooden cabins and cottages, which are standing along the beach, a shallow river flows through a rich mangrove landscape to the sea. Some larger boats are placed under the trees. Nature lovers will appreciate the rich rainforest landscape, with a jungle path leading from the Tioman Paya Resort to Rock Falls, a rocky stream with several small pools for swimming.
Kampong Paya has a path that leads to the north. Follow the path over the slope and you end up on a beach (Teluk Sri Intan). You can then continue the journey on an unpaved road to the Berjaya Tioman Resort before the road leads to Tekek. On the south side of Paya, a partially paved jungle path leads to Genting Village. Halfway you'll pass the Melina Beach Resort. You can have a drink here if you like.
If you're back in Paya, then you'll know: Paya Beach is the place to be for a delicious cocktail, close to the sea, while enjoying the beautiful sunset.


Paya Beach is one of the places that you have to visit during your stay on this island. This beautiful beach is the most beautiful beach on the island, on the west coast it is a "must-see". With the snow-white sand, crystal clear water and swaying palm trees, it has everything you would expect from a tropical beach.

One of the Minimarkts

Paya Kampong has its own mini waterfalls (Rock Falls) just 15 minutes behind the Paya Beach Resort, which supplies water to the entire village via water pipes. To get there, turn right at the bridge, which connects the Paya Beach Resort with the Tioman Paya Resort and follow the signs to the hill. On the way you will probably meet residents with fishing equipment. The walk is not difficult, but there is a great diversity of tropical plants. You hear incessant bug calling and the pungent smell of rich, moist earth enriches your mind.

Are you a true hiker or jungle enthusiast?
Then try the West - East walking route from Kampong Paya to Kampong Juara. You need a little training for this. The trip to the east takes about three hours. You walk through Berjaya Tioman Resort via Tekek through the middle of the island to Juara.

Do you want a hike to Genting?
About halfway between the Genting and Paya jetties lies the Melina Beach Resort. It is a small, non-Malaysian resort. The resort has a long semi-private beach and the shady trees make it great. It offers both A / C and fan rooms, which are built in a typical chalet style. There are other original rooms, such as a tree house. The restaurant has various Western dishes with a number of German specialties. Melina Beach is surrounded by primary rainforest and is blessed by a healthy coral reef just off the beach. For hotel guests there's a free pick-up service from the Genting jetty. As an alternative, it's a pleasant easy walk of 20 minutes.


"At the 2nd stop was already my destination: Paya Village. There I was picked up by someone from the hotel with a boat and brought to the hotel.
The hotel, which I booked, was on its own private beach and was nice and quiet. In total there were 9 rooms, so you don't hear a thing of the other guests. So, after I dumped my bag, I put on swimming trunks and went to see how the South China Sea feels. And I can tell you, that is: WET!
Basically I can now describe my activities of what I have done there, but they are actually pretty simple: lying down, lambs, reading, sunbathing and occasional swimming (only this was not as good as the mess is completely covered with rocks and stones) ... so all in all a wonderful weekend. Of course a bit of being walking over the beach, which was also accompanied by the necessary boulder-climbing.
So I just had a wonderful weekend relaxing, just away from the busy city and could relax in a rustic environment. Because that is Tioman Island. It is quiet, peaceful and really beautiful. I was just lucky, because on Thursday it was apparently not such nice weather. It was beautiful again!



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