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"This place still has tons of charm and is a great getaway from the busy outerworld!! We stayed for 3 nights in a cabin that was only a few feet away from the sea. If you don't need the luxury of hotellife and enjoy nature, this is a real treat! For example: though it was hot, we got enough cooling by swimming in the sea in the daytime, and were able to leave windows and door open at night, so the ocean breeze could cool the room... The utilities were very basic, but at the same time, everything is there and you don't miss a thing! The host, Abbas, was terrific: friendly, good-humoured, and always preperared to hear you"re suggestions & questions (about food, about activities,...)"



Nipah is a secluded bay on the west coast of Pulau Tioman, 2.5 km south of Genting or 6 km north of Mukut. It is named after a local palm tree, which lives close to a river. It is the ideal destination for tourists, who are looking for an undisturbed, natural environment. The beach is unspoilt and about half a kilometer long. The strip has a golden sand beach, bordered by lush rainforest, with a calm lagoon lined with mangroves hidden behind the coast. The warm, clear sea is completely untouched here, with colorful fish that seek food or protect themselves between the coral.
You can charter or book speed boats from anywhere on the island, while staying in one of the rustic chalet resorts at the kampung.

Tioman is a relatively large, mountainous island. There are three mountain peaks, which reach up to about 1,000 meters and visible far into the South China Sea. It has a varied coastline with rocky coves, some bays with sandy coves and the occasional port that offers lodging whatever the season. The island has abundant water all year round.
Nipah has been a very good place for traders to hide from the monsoon since the 10th century, or to forage or protect themselves against pirates. In Nipah both ceramic shards and complete pots from the eleventh century were found. The ceramic shards are mainly from China (Guangdong), but also from Thailand, Vietnam and Europe. They made the finds in the bay with shallow water and in the water along the coastal strip. They were excavated at the lagoon and also discovered in a cave in the nearby hills.
Every year after the storms of the monsoon season, the sandy coastline changes and more shards erupt.


The Nipah valley is a wonderful place where you can enjoy the sea, as well as the treks through the jungle. The atmosphere is laid-back and relaxed, most travelers are backpackers who move into Nipah Beach Chalets, a small resort with only a few chalets. You can enjoy all the neighboring small beaches: they are so beautiful and nobody will disturb you ... except the monkeys! You can relax and enjoy fresh grilled fish and fruit in one of the small restaurants.

Behind the small Nipah Beach Chalets, a path runs along the river, deep into the jungle. This path goes to the top of Gunung Kajang, the highest mountain on Tioman (1038 m). Follow the path for about 1 kilometer, then you come to a river where you can swim in several small waterfalls. This is a really nice experience. For the most courageous you can go further to the top. But you should rather ask the owners of the resort to organize a hike for you (2 days), because the tour is quite long and the course is not easy to follow.

There is no way to other kampongs in the neighborhood. Only a walkway goes to the village Genting. So the only way to come is to use resort boats, which you see in Genting. The ferries leave every day from Mersing to Genting. Mersing is the local port on the mainland, which connects all neighboring islands. You can book boat tickets by clicking on the banner below.

Nipah is the right beach for people who want to escape the crowds. Do not expect WiFi or GSM coverage on a large part of the beaches. This contributes to the calm and relaxed atmosphere in Nipah. The natural sea breeze and refreshing breeze from the hills and forests behind you will comfort you.

The Beach

"From the water we saw the colorful little chalets on the white beach with a blue / green sea and palm trees with coconuts.
We spent 2 days at Nipah chalets.Lovely lying on the beach and reading a book. In the evening, order one of the delicious things from the menu and later in the evening on the beach chairs in front of our chalet with a drink to watch the stars! Enjoy it!
Snorkeling, sunbathing, lunching, reading a book, listening to music, dining, looking at the sea under the palm trees and watching the sunset with a cocktail on the beach."


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