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the paradise

"Juara is a small beach, hidden away on the East side of Tioman island in Malaysia, and unlike the more commercially developed and busier towns and beaches on the islands Western coast, it has still managed to retain that elusive small village atmosphere and has limited development along its long stretch of curved coastline."

To ride with.....
Kampong Juara

The East coast of Tioman is still an undiscovered part of the island. There's only one kampong, which you can reach by road recently. This kampong Juara has the most quiet beach on the island. Its palm fringed shores, fine white sand and crystal clear sea make this beach one of Malaysia’s best. Activities such as swimming, snorkelling in nearby coral reefs and canoeing also make it a popular choice. It's ideal for those in search of peace and tranquility.
And here is nature of Tioman  on his best!

Until recently Juara could only be reached by sea-taxi or by a jungle path. Nowadays they have build a new road, which looks like a dried river bed. But they are improving this road already. They want to make the road entirely of concrete. The trip to Juara is quiet an experience. The distance from Tekek to Juara is about 7 kilometres, but by car it takes still 40 minutes.
The prices of such a trip (one way) are: at four persons the car RM100 costs, - (approx. 20 euro) and at two persons the car costs RM70.-

The jetty
The bay with the jetty in Juara...

There are also offered taxi-rides by motorbike, but don't do that. There are holes and stones down the road. With you as a passenger you could easily fall of the motorbike. Thereby you badly hurt yourself.



Easy Booking Bustickets Online:


Popular is to walk from Tekek to Juara, but leave your backpacking behind in Tekek, because you can enjoy the surroundings. On your way to Juara you'll pass the cascade waterfalls. These are very beautiful, but you can also visit them on a short walk, when you're staying in kampong Juara. In the meantime you can see the monkeys and lizards, but there are also beautiful plants and flowers.
(This walk takes about from Tekek to Juara takes about 3 hours)

Juara has water sport activity's enough: You can go diving, canoeing, sea fishing, snorkelling. There is also a turtles rehabilitation centre. Here they dig up eggs , which are laid by the sea turtles on the beach and then hey dig them again on the beach near the turtle rehabilitation centre.
Furthermore you can take a sea taxi in Juara or rent a boat to discover Tioman to discover the island further.

There are also cascade waterfalls on Tioman at kampong Asah in the south. You have to go there by boat: the Mukut water falls.
These can be visited if you follow the path that starts at the jetty in kampong Asah. To visit these waterfalls you have to take a water taxi.
Also from kampong Mukut you can reach the waterfalls. A path runs to the upper part of the waterfalls from Mukut.


By the jungle.....


Juara has an exclusive bay, but the kampong offers you more. There is a dive school, turtle sanctuary, mini mart, restaurants and and you can rent chalets. Most of the Restaurants are near the jetty, like:
Happy Café, Riverview café, Ali Putra. The Bushman restaurant are more to the end.
In these restaurants you can get a deliciously cooled beer or cold glass of white wine.
For our coffee lovers: in Juara you can buy a cup of the exclusive Douwe Egberts Coffee buy (later more about this).
To these restaurants are belonging some chalets, which you can rent. These chalets are clean, not expensive and some do have airco.
The trees are loaden with fruit: mango, papaya, banana and flamboyant flowering shrubs grew between chalets on stilts, each with a veranda facing the sea.
Juara has a concrete path, so you can reach everything easily.
There are two small rivers running through Juara: the Mentawak and the Barok. These are coming from the Kajang Mountain and them brings some coolness and fresh air to the village.

Range and maisonnettes....

Your breakfast can start at the breakfast Café of the Sunrise Dive Center. Here you can eat your fresh bread with Dutch cheese and a delicious cup of Douwe Egberts coffee to drink. Here you receive the latest information and you can make your inquiries, before you will make your plans for the day. Very handsome!
Restaurants in Juara serve Oriental and Western food. Also there are possibilities to arrange a barbeque.
You can have (for example) "sweet and sour eat chicken" in the Chinese restaurant. Indian you can eat at Ali Putra (roti canai). Fish is very popular in the Riverview restaurant.

Tortoises shelter   xx Turtle Sanctuary

This is a project to protect turtle and its eggs from the predators
In the 1960s and 1970s of the previous century there was a healthy population of turtles, in particular the leatherback turtle.
By over fishing and by illegal fishing the turtles were threatened to die out.
This led to setting up a sanctuary in Juara by the Fisheries department and the Marine Park.
The new laid eggs are brought to the sanctuary in Juara them protect against predators (birds etc.) and against people who pick those eggs up to sell them on the market.

The eggs must be re-buried again within 4 hours, otherwise they will spoil. On the spot, where the eggs are re-buried will come card with on it the date and the species.
A caretaker will monitor these eggs for 40 days. Then the turtles will come out of the eggs. They'll crawl through the sand to the sea and nature can take its course.

Sunrise Dive Centre (dive centre)

Raman was born in kampong Juara and he has married a Dutch woman. Raman has a dive centre and she has a breakfast cafe for the latest information.
Raman dives already more than 20 years and as result, knows he the best diving spots around Tioman by heart.
The dive centre has several Padi-trained instructors.
The combination of having a dive centre (you can also rent a canoe or so) and a breakfast café is ideal. Here you can decide what you're going to do the rest of the day, while you're having your breakfast.
Water sports or just laying in the sun?

If you have dicided to go diving, you'll see the beautiful underwater gardens of Tioman. You'll see wonder-beautiful fish, coral-red and turtle families.
Raman knows everything by many years' experience.

Sunrise Dive Center

Jungle exploring

Frightened welnee!   xx If you want to  discover the island in a different way, you must go by yourself.
Hire a boat with a guide, which you can show nicest places of the jungle. You will discover the mangroves.
Discover the jungle will all those special animals.
You'll see giant lizards, rodents and butterflies.

There are approx. 25 species of snakes on Tioman, among which are the king cobra, the python, the green grass snake and the red snake. Many tourists come to Tioman for nature.No wonder that this island became the romantic setting for the Hollywood musical "South Pacific".
A boat trip to the Mukut waterfalls is also worth a visit.

Your stay in Juara
Where can you stay in Juara?


Happy café Airconditioned chalets (10 meters from the beach)
Number of chalets: 3 (everyone for 4 persons)
Price of the chalets: RM 90, - per night
tel: (+ 60) 09-4193137
Juara Beach Airconditioned chalets (10 meters from the beach)
Number of chalets: 12 (everyone for 4 persons)
Price of chalets: RM 120, - per night
tel: (+ 60) 09-4193188
Juara Mutiara Airconditioned chalets (10 meters from the beach)
Number of chalets: 16 (for 4 persons)
Number of chalets:  2 (for two persons - Beach view)
Price of the chalets: RM 80, - per night
tel: (+ 60) 09-4193163/161
In Mersing is a travel office, which "picks up" all tourists for Tioman from the buses. Then they tell you, that you must book at them, because everything is "full" on Tioman. Be careful, because now you're paying far too much for your accommodation, which you have never seen. The chalet you've booked is mostly a disappointment. The boat trip you can book at them, but don't book the accommodation.
There's enough accommodation on the island.
Take only a one way ticket by boat
, because then you can choose the boat on your way back to the mainland. The name of this travel agent is: "Island Connection". The people on Tioman don't like that way of dealing, because they can't rent a chalet themselves. Most of the tourists are going to the village of the travel agent.

Are you going to dive with the "Sunrise Dive Centre", then you can get a direct boat to Juara.
Consult for that the dive school.





   Ben van Wijnen

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