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Teluk Chempedak

"I did not know that the beach was so popular. Our accommodation was arranged by a friend and it was close to the beach. Before check-in we were already taken for a tour to the beach by the manager of the guest house. He pointed out all the food stalls. The beach was very beautiful with white sand.
On one side were rocks with a boardwalk for people who want to go to another part of the beach. That must be a nice walk, although the monkeys are a bit spoiled by the people".  

Teluk Chempedak by day

Teluk Chempedak is a beach, located 5 km north of the center of Kuantan. It is a white sandy beach and casuarinas and pine trees along the coast, with rockeries and views of the South China Sea. The beach is only 2 km long and is known to be very clean. In the early morning you will see the cleaners on the beach at work. Water lovers can indulge themselves on this beach. There are countless possibilities such as swimming, jet skiing, surfing or sunbathing.
This is one of the most important beaches, where the inhabitants of Kuantan go, during the weekends and after office hours to relax. This beach is a closed bay and is a good place for water sports activities.
You see children flying kites on windy days, but kite flying is in Malaysia of all ages. During the rainy season from November to March, you have to be careful with the sea, because the waves can be pretty rough. Therefore, it is not recommended to swim here in the sea during this period.

There are toilets on the beach and there are several stalls where you can get something to eat or drink. A reasonably priced store can be found on the left side of the beach, near the boardwalk to the next beach (later more). This store is known as the store of Song Fatt. The owner is very friendly and he sells items such as kites, drinks, fruit, souvenirs and sweets.
There is also a McDonald and a KFC restaurant on the beach. Close to the beach there is also a 24-hour supermarket from 7-Eleven, but almost every restaurant is open until midnight on weekends.

The boardwalk has been made recently. It takes you from the beach of Teluk Chempedak to another bay. You will discover huge rocks and trees when you walk to this beach. Give your eyes a good look, because you see wild (innocent) animals, such as large lizards and macaques, when you walk among the trees. Enjoy the beautiful view of both beaches. In the end you will see more monkeys. The sand here is darker in color compared to the sand at Teluk Chempedak.


Teluk Chempedak by night


Teluk Chempedak is a nice place to be both during the day and in the evening. Whether you come alone, with someone, family or friends, you can always lie down in the sand and enjoy the cool breeze.
If you're coming from the city center, you drive over the city of Jalan Teluk Sisik. At the end you will reach the Jalan Teluk Chempedak. Enter this dead end street and you will reach McDonalds and the KFC. There are plenty of parking spaces. If you have parked the car, you can walk to the beach.
You can also reach Teluk Chempedak by public transport.

Close the beach is a kind of mini zoo: Teruntum.

"One of my favorite places to visit since my childhood, and it has evolved. It now houses a mini zoo, lots of room to run and play, and even track road safety.
Great place to spend a few hours with the kids in the morning and evening hours. Food stalls offers great snacks, such as keropok lekor".

The boardwalk against the rocks



Le Village Beach Resort

Situated in Balok Beach, Le Village Beach Resort Kuantan is the perfect destination for surfers and water sports lovers. Positioned in a prime location, this area is one of the world’s most famous windsurfing spots. Guests staying at the resort can explore the nearby Fish Village, Snake Island, Turtle Sanctuary, and the stunning Pandan Waterfall. The resort offers over 100 rooms that are well-furnished with a rustic style which creates a warm and cozy ambience. Le Village Beach Resort Kuantan provides several recreational facilities such as a swimming pool, children’s pool, tennis court, camping park, and volleyball to make your stay an impeccable experience.

More information and photos: Le Village Beach Resort |click now|


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