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Taman Negara: Kuala Tahan
The departure in Kuala Tembeling

Taman Negara is the most extensive protected area of pristine, lowland, evergreen rainforest in the country. Over 1300 square kilometres of tropical jungle in its natural state was designated in 1925 THE GUNUNG TAHAN GAME RESERVE". This became the National Park in 1938 when the Sultan of Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan set aside the present area, and named it the "KING GEORGE V NATIONAL PARK". After Independence, the name was changed to TAMAN NEGARA. The stated purpose of Taman Negara is "to utilise the land within the park in perpetuity, for the propagation, protection and preservation of indigenous flora and fauna".

When you don't need all the luxury of the Mutiara Taman Negara Resort, your stay in Kuala Tahan will be a good alternative . Anyway, it's much cheaper than the Mutiara Resort.
Kuala Tahan is a little town and the NKS is the ground operator. They don't own any boat and they work on mutual understanding with the remote villagers who run the boat and they are the one who run the most responsible, reliable and professional duty during your tour at Taman Negara.
Remember they are the best swimmer in the river And this is the place, where they are born. They are very friendly and their attitude is that the "Customer is always right".
I'm always receiving very positive mails about the NKS and Kuala Tahan.

How do I get to Kuala Tembeling, because I want to go to Taman Negara!

The shuttle bus of the NKS departs from Hotel Mandarin Pacific, Chinatown - Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur. The bus stops at Jerantut town before noon to allow passengers to take their lunch. Passengers will board another NKS shuttle bus at 1.30 pm to Kuala Tembeling Jetty. When in Jerantut, please feel free to enquire at NKS Office in Hotel Sri Emas, Jerantut for any assistance or questions.
Bus Daily Departure Time: 8.00 am (Register at 7.30 am at NKS Office in Hotel Mandarin Pacific) Cost: RM30 per person one way.
From the Kuala Tembeling Jetty it is a scenic 3 hour (approximately) boat ride up the Tembeling River to the Park's headquarters at Kuala Tahan.
Boat Daily Departure Times: 9 am / 2 pm except Fridays when only 1 boat leaves at 2:45pm Cost: RM22 per person one way.

From the resort a look at Kuala Tahan with its floating restaurants.

A look from the Mutiara Taman Negara Resort across the river to Kuala Tahan. You see the floating restaurants and shops. The chalets you can rent in Kuala Tahan, are behind the trees.
There's always a boat to bring you to the other side of the Tembeling river. A boat ride across the river will cost you RM0.50 per person.

A look from Kuala Tahan. From the stairs of the resort.

The "floating restaurants" on the river side at Kuala Tahan. Sorry, they don't sell beer in the restaurants. In the evening i'ts lovely to have dinner on one of these boats.
There are also mini supermarkets, a souvenir shop and a travel agency of the NKS. Here you can book your excursions into Taman Negara or to the Caves.
The car on the beach brought some people for Taman Negara (on the other side of the river).

What do we buy? Souvenirs or do we go shopping?

Below you see some pictures of the chalets of Kuala Tahan, supermarkets, the road to Kuala Tahan etc.
I hope you like them.

tahan/tahan1.jpg tahan/tahan10.jpg tahan/tahan11.jpg tahan/tahan12.jpg
tahan/tahan13.jpg tahan/tahan14.jpg tahan/tahan15.jpg tahan/tahan2.jpg
tahan/tahan3.jpg tahan/tahan4.jpg tahan/tahan5.jpg tahan/tahan6.jpg
tahan/tahan7.jpg tahan/tahan8.jpg tahan/tahan9.jpg  

Map of Kuala Tahan
Map of Kuala Tahan (Jos Alblas)

A Bus Ticket was never so easy to book:




   Ben van Wijnen



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