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Seremban Bus Terminal One

Ben van Wijnen

"Naast het rijden van gewone routes in woonwijken en op de hoofdwegen van Negeri Sembilan, voeren de Cityliner-bussen ook regelmatige serviceroutes uit tussen Seremban en klia2 , Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Nilai en Banting."

Seremban Bus Terminal One

The main bus terminal in Seremban is adjacent to Terminal One Shopping Centre, on Jalan Lintang. Here you find famous shops like Watson, Giant and Parkson. The shopping centre has the same name as the bus station. This bus terminal is the pick-up and drop-off points for all local buses within the state as well as for express bus companies that bring passengers from all over the country to Negeri Sembilan and vice versa. The nearest train is Seremban KTM Commuter Station and already connected to the terminal by a covered walkway, so travellers can access this terminal by bus, taxi and the KTM train.
It is an easy and convenient terminal for many bus operators. Operators such as Transnasional, Starmart Express, Plusliner and more are ever present at this terminal with routes to destinations such as, Butterworth, Singapore, Johor Bahru and more.
Cityliner buses are running ordinary routes in housing areas and on main roads of Negeri Sembilan. These Cityliner buses also perform regular service routes between KLIA2, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Nilai and Banting.
Seremban is the business and commercial centre for most towns and villages in Negeri Sembilan. During the weekends, residents from outlying areas come to Seremban by commuter train or buses to shop in Seremban.
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"I guess most Seremban folks are familiar with the Pasar Besar Seremban. As its name suggest, this market place is large- occupying the entire ground floor. Unlike the typical wet market, this market is relatively clean and is well-organized. Moving past stalls, we made our way to the upper floor where our breakfast awaited. Imagine a big food court- that is what we saw, with many food stalls at every corner. However, we were restricted and confined to order from food stalls near where we sat- so be sure where you want to really sit. This resulted in us having two rounds of breakfast.
The first round was beef noodle (first picture below) and beehoon sotong (second picture). Overall, the beef noodle was good. We ordered dry. The sauce was thick and the beef slices were tender. The shop owner said that the noodles are made by them. It tasted a bit like udon and pan mee. I expected more from the beehoon sotong but it was just okay. It was beehoon in gravy with slices of pork and its signature- squid. May be I am not much of a squid fan?"

Bus Terminal One


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