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"After traveling for 45 minutes from its own jetty in the Semporna, I was greeted in a breathtaking setting. The quality of the facilities, food and services is top class.
The package offered by the resort makes traveling to Kapalai enjoyable. Pick up from the airport direct to the island. Also, the staff makes sure we feel safe throughout the trip. Not to say that all meals are provided. Drinking water, boiler and electricity 24 hours a day for the entire stay."

All on board ??

Due to the huge demand for and interest in visiting diving and snorkeling sites in the Semporna region, Semporna Jetty is a well known gateway to many beautiful islands in the area such as Mabul Island, the ever famous Sipadan Island, Kapalai Island, Mataking Island and Pom Pom Island. All these islands are known for their diving and snorkelling activities as the sea water is crystal clear and is filled with colourful sea creatures. Hence, Semporna Jetty provides easy access to reach the islands by speed boats.
The only option to get to these islands is by speed boats only. Semporna Jetty offers different types of speed boat operators to get to the islands. The speed boats mainly depart from Semporna Jetty. The trip to the islands usually also depends on the tidal problem which can sometimes extend a particular trip. The boats usually depart in the morning as there is a night time curfew for boat activities.

The fast ferry

Those who come by bus from Kota Kinabalu will be dropped off near the jetty in Semporna. They can easily wait at the jetty until their speedboat leaves. Upon arrival, ignore the touts, who will tell you you need a boat to get to the dive centers. You can arrange tickets at the counter.

Tourists, who travel by plane, arrive at Tawau airport . This is the nearest airport. They still have to travel about 80 km by bus or taxi before they reach the jetty. An airport taxi from the airport in Tawau to Semporna costs approx. 25 Euro and the journey takes 35 minutes. A Grab taxi costs much less.
Read about Grab on this page.
MASwings (a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines) flies, among others, from Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan and Tarakan (Indonesia) to Tawau.
Travelers will find their way to the many beautiful islands in Semporna by speedboats. These speed boats leave from Semporna Jetty to the islands. Usually the number of people per speedboat is limited to 2 - 6 people.

The cheapest way to get to Semporna from Tawau Airport is with the shared minivans, which depart. The fare is 10 ringgit per person, but you will have to wait until they have enough passengers, which can take up to an hour.
Many all-inclusive diving packages include transport to and from the airport.

  • Ferry from Semporna Jetty to Bohey Dulang Island

  • Ferry from Semporna Jetty to Sibuan Island

  • Ferry from Semporna Jetty to Mantabuan Island

  • Ferry from Semporna Jetty to Mabul Island

  • Ferry from Semporna Jetty to Kapalai Island

  • Ferry from Semporna Jetty to Gusungan Island

  • Ferry from Semporna Jetty to Mataking Island

  • Ferry from Semporna Jetty to Pandanan Island

  • Ferry from Semporna Jetty to Pom Pom Island

There are several facilities within walking distance of the Semporna Jetty such as restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, banks and others.

Main facilities:

  • Sheltered waiting area

  • Benches

  • Ticket Counter

  • Parking Lots

  • Handy Shop

  • Information signs

Arrival on an idyllic island




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