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Pulau Undan
Ben van Wijnen

Pulau Udan in the Strait of Melaka

The island of Pulau Undan is hidden behind the larger Pulau Besar in the Straits of Melaka. The name Undan Island is said to have come from a seabird that once lived on this island and in the surrounding area, as there were several food sources, including fish and snails. In Malay, “Undan” refers to a pelican.
The island also belongs to the state of Melaka. The small island does not have a permanent resident, but there is always a lighthouse keeper and maintenance staff who are regularly relieved. They take care of the maintenance of the lighthouse and the toilets on the island. So you can visit the island. The boat trip across the Melaka Strait to the island takes approximately 35 minutes. The distance from the mainland is 25 kilometers.
Tickets for the island are available for purchase at the Melaka River Cruise's water taxi in town. You can also contact us via Facebook with "MelakaIslandHopping". They provide a full day trip to Pulau Undan. But there are also local fishermen who can take you there for a fee, which is usually higher. So you have to negotiate well if you do this.

De vuurtoren

The passengers are usually day trippers, but you can also spend the night there. You do need to bring your own tent and camping gear. Most day trippers are anglers or hikers, who want to walk around the island and visit the lighthouse. After that, people would like to sunbathe or swim.
The old metal octagonal lighthouse is located on top of the island's hill. This red lighthouse was built in 1880 by the British colonists as a beacon for ships to sail through the Melaka Strait. In the meantime, a second, modern lighthouse has been built next to the old one. It is now a circular concrete tower with advanced marine communications equipment.

The old and new lighthouse one after the other. In the foreground the lighthouse keeper's house


In the earlier periods, long before the construction of the red lighthouse by the British colonists, the islet was known as a hotbed of pirates.
The first, original British lighthouse consists of an octagonal light tower, which houses the lantern and a round outer gallery. In the photo you can still see the old, red lighthouse with the new concrete lighthouse behind it. In the photo you can still see the lighthouse keeper's house and it has one floor. The house built of masonry.
You will be amazed by the environment on Pulau Undan with its astonishing beauty, especially the clarity of the sea water and the huge rocks around the island. A very small island is attached to the island, which can be reached via strip beach. At high tide there is a small piece of water above the beach.

The small island with the beach strip connected to Pulau Undan







  Ben van Wijnen



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