iving Pulau Tenggol at the East Coast



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Pulau Tenggol

"The place is impressively beautiful and tranquil. One hint, it is not even mentioned in the Lonely Planet, and I hope it will stay like this. There are three resorts on the only proper beach of the island. Well, one is closed for the moment, and the other one doesn't seem to have any licence to operate. So this leaves you with only one proper option, I name the Pulau Tenggol Beach Resort....how original is that."

Pulau Tenggol Bay

Pulau Tenggol is one of those lesser known island off the East Coast, except for those who love diving and snorkelling. The island lies off coast near the town of Dungun (located on the mainland). It's the last island from the list that starts with the Perhentian, Redang etc. From the jetty in Dungun it takes about 45 minutes before you'll arrive at Pulau Tenggol. The island has rocky cliffs and a beautiful stretch of white sandy beach, which is 500 meters long. The steep wooded cliffs make it a pleasant stay away from the city. The island has been long uninhabited.
Pulau Tenggol is about 3 km x 2 km and there are three resorts, located at the beach. The beach slopes gently into the sea. It is ideal for children to swim. The island is similar to Pulau Gemia.

The Tenggol group of islands is the most southern of Terengganu's Marine Parks. It consists of the islands of Pulau Tenggol (Tenggol Island), Pulau Nyireh, Tokong Timur, Tokong Burung and Tokong Talang / Tokong Kemudi, Tokong Laut. The surrounding islands have good visibility under water and teeming with underwater life and it has a wide range of hard and soft corals. Pulau Tenggol is one of the most beautiful islands in the east cost of Malaysia. It is known for its perfect water that has been warmed by the South China Sea.
In 1975 many refugees fled from Vietnam to foreign countries, because Vietnam became a communist country. Many Vietnamese fled abroad by boat to another country, where they ended up as a asylum seeker. They came up against the worst things; pirates, hurricanes, shipwreck, the boat engine broke, gasoline and hunger or thirst distress. One of these boats arrived on the uninhabited island of Pulau Tenggol.


Tenggol Island


You can also relax on the island; reading a book under the palm trees. A gentle breeze and the quiet atmosphere makes this island an ideal place among the lovers, and they won't tell that's a such a nice place to anyone else. Since most of the people come to this island to dive or snorkel, it's during the day very relaxing. Divers spend day (and night) a lot of time in the water. The island is isolated. For peace seekers is a beautiful island to relax and to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.
Teluk Air Tawar, Tanjung Gemok and Tanjung Sarung Lang are the favorite diving spots around the island. If you come during the rainy season you have chance you'll meet the large whale shark in the sea. These are not dangerous because they only eat small fish and plankton. The whale shark is good-hearted shark. You can swim with them. During in the rainy season they swim in south direction to Australia. However, during the monsoon you have chance to dive in waste water, because it's the rainy season. Around the months of March / April you will not see the whale sharks until the next monsoon comes. Every diver who comes to the island, would like to see the whale sharks.
The small and compact island Pulau Tenggol is a forgotten gem in the clear blue waters of the South China Sea - an emerald with a deep green wooded inland flanked by white powder beaches and beautiful coral reefs. In these reefs life many marine life, including sharks, stingrays, moray eels and nudibranchs: white striped in purple, yellow-brown, orange or pale blue with black and orange spots.

The Resorts

There are three small bungalow resorts at the large bay with sandy beach. All three are specialized in diving guests:

  • Tenggol Aqua Resort
  • Tenggol Island Beach Resort
  • Tenggol Resort

From a travel blog:

"We were there for 6 days with 14 divers from Germany. We were all of the same opinion: we had found paradise. There were only 5 to 10 other tourists on this island. We had a very great time with Robinhood Demowal, the chief of the diving center.
He showed us very special diving sites which are nearl y unknown. "Moonraker" was for example one of the best dive sites we had ever been: fish swarms with thousands of fish, exhilarating coral formations, really big barracudas, turtles ... And at all dive sites we were the only boat and the only divers. Robinhood always did the best to show us the best!
And in the evenings we could relax and had fun on our special bench: the wonderful sunset in front of us, the jungle behind us. Robinhood, thank you for this once in a lifetime experience! Some time we will come back - for sure! "



   Ben van Wijnen

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