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"Okay, I have to admit it; I couldn't sit still all afternoon and be lazy on the beach. The beach is fun, hahaha, for a little while :-) I guess I am not such a beach person. So in the afternoon I decided to go for a walk around the island. Now there should be a village somewhere on the island, but oops.... would I ever be able to find it???
Hahaha, you actually can't miss the village as the island is very small. But if you are still in doubt this little 'helpful' sign will help you go into the right direction. Hahaha, I had to laugh so much when seeing it, as this sign was posted about 20 metres from the village :-))"

The fresh boat trip to Libaran takes around 45 minutes. You depart from Sandakan Yacht Club in Sandakan, which is the second largest city in Sabah.
The island of Libaran has around 500 inhabitants and has an area of 2 km˛. It is a densely overgrown island with no hills or a tall building. The island is fairly close to the coast. There is one village on the island.
Libaran is ideal for people who are looking for peace and relaxation. Many people agree that the charm of this island lies in its simplicity: a long stretch of beach, crystal clear water and beautiful sunsets. Swimming and snorkeling is a daily activity for visitors. In the evening you can enjoy a river cruise in the mangrove forest or discover the unique experience of night fishing. A great place to get away from it all!

Like nearby Selingan, (and Pulau Bakungan Kecil and Pulau Gulisan) Libaran also has a Turtle Conservation Program, which collects eggs from sea turtles to protect the newborn against predators before being brought back to the sea. It is just as hotspot as Selingan, but much more unknown.
Pulau Libaran is open to the public for a chance to be a part of the magical nesting experience. Park rangers will guide visitors to the nesting sites in the dark to ensure that they do not disturb the turtles.
A sea turtle lands at night and digs a pit. It then lays around 150 eggs and covers the pit with sand. The sun will hatch the eggs. The rangers dig the eggs again and bury them in a safe place, where no birds of prey can come (Turtle Hatchery).
Once hatched, they are allowed to swim in a small basin until they are large enough to be released into the sea. Visitors are often allowed to release the turtles on the beach and then find their way to the sea.

Mainly the green sea turtle and the hawksbill sea turtle lay their eggs on the island of Libaran. Unfortunately, only 1 in 1,000 baby turtles reaches adulthood. The chance is therefore very small and that's why people must protect and hatch as many turtle eggs as possible.

xx You can't miss the fishing village, because the island is not large. The village is a quiet and friendly place. There are not many houses, and they are all surrounded by many palm trees. All in all it looks quite picturesque and it is nice to stroll around here.
When you enter the village, one of the first places you see is the boat builder's workshop. He is responsible for building all fishing boats for the village. The most striking of the village are the friendly people. Nothing is touristy here. You will not be bothered by anyone, just a curious look every now and then as you walk through their village. As you walk through the village, you also see all kinds of 'unknown fruit' hanging in the trees. One is the "Custard Apple Fruit" or scientifically called the "Annona reticulata".
The houses are built on stilts. The flower pots on the balustrades are made from coconut shells and hang on a rope. They are painted in a silver color to give them something special; really creative and fun to see!

However, nothing beats the enormous amount of beautiful flowers that you can see on the bushes and shrubs outside the village. The most beautiful flowers you can find here, a pure joy for the eye.
Most houses outside the village have fences to keep the cattle out of their gardens.
In addition to the cows, chickens and all kinds of strange fruit, this village is all about: fishing! And there are all sorts of things to remind you of, such as the fishing nets hanging on a clothesline to dry in the middle of the village. Not only the men, but also the women take part in the daily fishing activities, such as hanging nets and the like. The men set sail on the Sulu Sea for fishing. They have colourful boats with flags on it.

The beach at Walai Penyu Resort



Walai Penyu Resort

The Walai Penyu Resort is located at Libaran Island offers clean and comfortable tented camp overlooking beautiful sea views. Staff can arrange for various activities including turtle watching and releasing of turtle hatchlings to the sea.
This tented tented camp is located 24 km from Sandakan Airport. For guests’ convenience, airport transfers are provided at a surcharge.
Tents are simply furnished and clean. Each is fitted with a small desk, clean linen sheets and complimentary bottled water. Guests have access to the shared bathroom facilities which includes hot-water showers.
Walai Penyu Resort Libaran Island houses a charming garden and an outdoor terrace. Water-sport activities including snorkeling and canoeing can be arranged upon request.
The on-site buffet restaurant will serve authentic Malaysian-style meals. Guests are happier about it compared to other properties in the area.
This luxury tent is also rated for the best value in Pulau Libaran! Guests are getting more for their money when compared to other properties in this city.

More information and photos: Walai Penyu Resort |click now|



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