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"Lankayan Island is a virtually uninhabited island located in the Sulu Sea. This tiny island is covered by thick tropical jungle that is surrounded by smooth, white sand - the perfect getaway.
It has the only dive resort in Malaysia’s Sulu Sea called the Lankayan Island Dive Resort and is one of the best spots for whale shark sightings. The location of the whale shark is usually indicated by flocks of seabirds screeching high above the placid surface. With luck, divers and snorkellers may get close to this gentle giant, although it won’t stay close for long."

Pulau Lankayan

Pulau Lankayan is just a tiny dot in the Sulu Sea of an unknown island paradise. An unspoiled little piece of paradise on earth. Lankayan has beautiful white sandy beaches and unspoiled corals in the sea. The island has beautiful tropical vegetation. Turtles come ashore at night. There are endless diving options, including diving for two-ship wrecks.

The fast boat trip from Sandakan from the Sandakan Yacht Club to Langkayan takes about an hour and a half.
Lankayan has always been an uninhabited island, but since a few years the government of Sabah has decided to promote tourism in this region. The surrounding waters around Lankayan have been officially declared marine reserves (Marine Reserve). You are therefore not allowed to take anything from the sea. With the income from tourism, one can now protect the growing population of fish and nesting turtles on the island. It is a great dive site that is comparable to the world famous Sipadan. The Lankayan Island Dive Resort is located on this island and has its own self-service restaurant, shop, a TV corner and a bar.

On the jetty of the resort you will find the diving center, where you can arrange other water sports in addition to diving. It is especially special that you can already snorkel among the sea turtles here.
At the diving center 3 times a day boats depart to various beautiful diving locations in the azure blue sea. There are around 20 diving sites in the area that are located in the middle of the Marine Reserve. Whale sharks can usually be observed in the period from March to May.
There are two beautiful wrecks close to Lankayan, both have their own particularity. The 'Lankayan Wreck' was once a poaching ship for illegal fishing, but now it is home to various types of fish, from small cardinal fish to large bass.
From the jetty you can already shark small baby black tip in the water see.

Lankayan Island is a true Macroworld paradise. Saved are large stretches of beautiful hard and soft corals belonging to numerous genera, among which are multitudes of macroworld subjects and juvenile fishes, colorful to the extreme. It is possible that some of the species found here are as yet undescribed. Pelagics also abound here, from large schools of scads, yellow tail barracudas, jacks, and many more. The many schools of medium to large humphead parrotfish are always exciting to encounter. Sometimes, the diver is lucky enough to meet large rays, guitarfish and even manatees. For those more inclined towards the smaller denizens of the reefs, there are numerous juvenile fishes, clown anemone fishes, decorator and spider crabs, coral shrimps, nudibranchs, prawn gobies and such rarer subjects as jawfish, ornate ghost pipefish and frogfish.

Chalets at the beach

Next to diving, snorkelling, kayaking and other island leisure activities, the greatest thing to do on Lankayan Island Dive Resort is eat. Although most would dismiss typical island food as nondescript, the restaurant on this resort begs to differ. Not only do they serve delicious fusion cuisine, the variety is also highly impressive — from fresh succulent barbecued prawns and tender lamb stew to corn ice-cream cake and crepes in chocolate sauce. Served buffet-style thrice daily, you can indulge in the food as much as you like. Bon appetit!

From Lankayan you can make day trips to neighboring islands, such as Selingan (turtle island) or Libaran. A day trip to Sandakan is also recommended. From here you can go to Sepilok (Orang Utan shelter), Sun Bear Conservation Center, Gomantong caves (known for the bird's nest soup) or take a trip on the Kinabatang River. During a trip on this river you have the best chance to see the wild animals at sunrise or sunset. You could even see an Asian elephant or a Sumatran rhino wandering the woods along the river.



Lankayan Island Dive Resort

Located on Lankayan Island, Lankayan Island Dive Resort features an on-site restaurant and bar. You can relax in your chalet or explore one of the neighboring islands. Each spacious chalet features a balcony with a sea view, air conditioning, a four-poster bed and tea and coffee making facilities. The large bathroom is equipped with a shower and a bathtub. Guests can read quietly in the communal lounge or enjoy the sun in the hammock. Adventure you can go diving to explore the underwater world underwater life. Lankayan is 52 km from Sandakan Airport.

More information and photos: Lankayan Island Dive Resort |click now|




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