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Pudu Sentral
Ben van Wijnen

"The Puduraya Bus Terminal was renamed to Pudu Sentral in 2011 after being completely remodeled due to extreme traffic congestion. Some of the signs directing tourists to this location have not been changed yet so they could still read the former name. This is the primary bus station in Kuala Lumpur now and buses do arrive and depart from here daily for long distance trips. It is wise to keep in mind that during holiday times the bus system can be extremely backed up."

Pudu Sentra or Puduraya

The main bus station in Kuala Lumpur is Pudu Sentral. Formerly called: Puduraya.
It's situated near China Town (100 meters). It's crowded and very hot. Pudu Sentral has a post office, which is air-conditioned. Everybody comes there to escape the heat.
From this bus station most buses depart to destinations throughout all Malaysia, including Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia (look at the banner below to make a reservation). So....for long distance destinations you'll have to be at Pudu Sentral bus station.
In the middle of the building rises a large hotel** (Ancasa Express Hotel). Staying there one night will cost you about RM 120.- (inclusive taxes).


There are only two long distance destinations that Pudu Sentral doesn't handle. These destinations are Jerantut and Kuala Lipis.
Therefore you'll have to be at Pekeliling bus station in the North of Kuala Lumpur.
With so many different counters offering so many destinations, it is a bit tricky to make a choice. Prices are basically the same but the state of the bus are sometimes different and schedules vary.

The biggest and most reliable bus company by far is the Government's Transnational with offices all over Malaysia. Plusliner also covers a lot of destination and is sometimes cheaper.

When you enter Pudu Sentral you'll see a lot of outlets. In front of you is a staircase. At the right of the staircase is an ATM (if you need money). Beside the ATM is a big sign of Hotel Pudu Raya.
There's also a counter for left luggage (7:00-22:00 2RM/piece/day. Closed for lunch break!), a food court and tourist police.

Going up the staircase you'll come to the second floor. Go right and in the left corner you'll find all kind of ticket offices.

When you'll have purchased your bus ticket you'll have to go down to the ground floor, where you have entered the building. On this floor you'll have to find the right platform. where your bus will depart. Go down the staircase to your platform.

All buses air air-conditioned, so it's gonna be cold. Please take a sweater if you go into the bus.
Prices are mostly the same. A bus ticket to Penang will cost about RM25 for a 400km distance.
Buses stop only in large cities. So going to Penang you'll stop in Ipoh and Kuala Kangsar.
After 5 hours you'll be in Penang.

Daily everal buses from different companies will depart to your destination, but purchase you ticket one day before your departure. It's always recommended to book as early as possible.
Ask for the departure time an the platform.

If you want to take a taxi out of Kuala Lumpur to long distance destination, Pudu Sentral bus station is the right place to find one.
Fares are negotiable, depending on the distance.
But the taxi won't leave the terminal until it has four passengers. Malaysians use this service only at peak travel periods, so you could be waiting for some time for a cab to fill up. You can, however, pay a fee equivalent to a full load. The terminal is open 24 hours.

Pre-book your bus to your destination.

This may be any place in Malaysia. Click on the banner.



The counter of Transnasional

Loketjes van andere busmaatschappijen.
Other counters

Vertrekkende bussen. Recht die van Transnasional.
The departure of a Transnasional bus

Bij de platforms.
Bus moving towards the platform

Some prices:  
Kuala Lumpur - Penang RM25.10 
Kuala Lumpur - Melaka RM8.-
Kuala Lumpur - Johor Bahru RM20.-
Kuala Lumpur - Kuantan RM15.-
Kuala Lumpur - Mersing RM20.-
Kuala Lumpur - Terengganu RM25.10
Kuala Lumpur - Ipoh RM12.-
More prices? Please mail me!  

Jalan Tun Perak, KL



North bound travellers - The main bus terminal in Kuala Lumpur, Puduraya Bus Terminal has reopened and bus companies have resumed operations to/from this terminal.

East Coast bound travellers - Those heading to the East Coast should go to Hentian Putra. Getting There: Take the LRT (Light Rail Transit) on the Ampang Line bound for PWTC LRT Stop.

East Bound travellers - Those heading to the East eg Raub, Temerloh, Jerantut, Bentong should go to Hentian Pekeliling. Getting There: Take the Monorail bound for Titiwangsa LRT Stop.

South Bound travellers - Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) in Bandar Tasik Selatan was recently opened in January 2011 to facilitate those going southbound to Johor and Singapore. Getting There: Take the LRT (Light Rail Transit) on the Ampang Line bound for Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT Stop.


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