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Pangkor Ferry
Ben van Wijnen


Those who want to go to Pangkor nowadays, can choose from two ferries. The oldest leaves from the nice, cozy town of Lumut. Here is a large, covered parking garage, where you can park the car, because you can not take the car to Pangkor. Buses from other places in Malaysia stop near the ferry in Lumut.
The second ferry leaves from a private island, which is outside Lumut, but also very easy to reach: Marina Island. There is a permanent link between Marina Island and the mainland here. This ferry provides the latest connection and is short-lived, but there are also some drawbacks.
You can book boat tickets or bus tickets by clicking on the bottom of the banner.

Marina Island - this is a "man-made island". The most recent development is the crossing from the private resort Island Marina to Pangkor. This boat trip takes about 7 minutes. With the existing ferry service from Lumut, the waiting time may take up to an hour to take the boat to Pulau Pangkor. In comparison with the existing ferry services of Lumut, that saves time. From the private jetty at Marina Island, ferries and private charters leave regularly to various parts of the island of Pangkor. As the Marina Island Resort is a private resort, all passengers on the ferry must first become members of the resort to board the ferries.
An annual payment of about one Euro for a single membership and an annual fee of two Euro for a membership of a family for a period of one year. Only ferry tickets in these 2 ways are available.
The first departure is at 7:15 am, the last is at 8:30 pm. Departure is every hour in the non-peak period and during peak periods the departure times are between 15 minutes.

Ferry to Pangkor


Lumut - The long-established and oldest starting point on the mainland is in the city of Lumut. It is located in an attractive and relaxed place in the city, near a bazaar. Busses from KL and other places will take you to the bus station next to the pier. From the jetty in Lumut the ferries leave regularly to various parts of the island of Pangkor. Return is about 3 Euro and the ticket is valid for one month.
The first ferry departs in the center of Lumut at 7:00 and the last at 20.30. The first ferry from Pangkor leaves at 6:30 and the last one at 20:30. The boats leave with intervals of 30-45 minutes, depending on the time of day, and the crossing usually lasts no longer than 45 minutes. There are two major ferry stops for the inhabitants of the island of Pangkor; the SPK jetty in Sungai Pinang Kecil and the Pangkor jetty in Pangkor Town. Tourists must stop at the 2nd pier in Pangkor Town, because this is the main town on the island of Pangkor and the town is closer to the different beaches on the west coast of the island. The first stop at the island is at Sungai Pinang Kecil.
The 3rd pier, the Pangkor Island Beach Resort Jetty (formerly Pan Pacific Jetty) at Teluk Dalam, is exclusively for guests of that hotel.

If you travel by bus, you will be dropped off at the ferry. When traveling by car, make sure to stop in Teluk Intan, where there is a leaning tower that looks like the tower of Pisa. There are also nice places to explore in this region, such as Kampar, Gopeng or Kuala Selangor. You will find enough on this site. Take a look and discover the real Malaysia.
We once had us transported directly from the airport to Lumut. After the arrival they were waiting for us in the terminal (at 07.00) to pick us up. The ride to Lumut lasted four hours. The ride was arranged by the hotel, which I had contacted. The price of the pickup was about 80 Euro. The days we were in Lumut we were staying at the Swiss Garden Damai Laut and we rented a car for some days before we took the boat.
A tip to visit close to Lumut: Tua Pek Kong Temple

The jetty


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