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"Sarawak’s second city is the birthplace of Malaysia’s oil industry. It offers convenient access to national parks, caves and beaches. You have to discover our favourite bars in Miri for a quiet drink, karaoke and watching sports."

Miri has always been known to have the more livelier nightlife compared to the other towns in Sarawak. The hotspots in Miri is concentrated in a small area in Survey area and the current happening one is called Cheerie Berries. It is has two floors where live music is played, and is usually packed especially on weekends. There is a balcony on the second floor, presumably a place to escape the smoky room.

Personally, I find the music a little too loud and the drinks watered down. But the crowd is there and if you want to go pub hopping, start drinking beer at the local coffee shop and then make your way here when the night is just beginning.

Miri is the second largest city in the Malaysian state of Sarawak on Borneo. The discovery of oil 100 years ago transformed Miri from a quiet fishing village into a wealthy city of around 300,000 people.
While Kuching's city mascot is the cat, Miri claimed the seahorse - famous for its gentle gracefulness. Despite a handful of high-rise hotels dotted around the city, Miri still retains the charm of a small town; the culturally-diverse people in Miri are very warm and friendly to visitors.


  Alfresco Side-Walk Cafe
Lot 342,
Ground Floor, Block 7 MCLD, Jalan Ngo King, Pelita Commercial Centre,
98000 ,
Miri Malaysia
Phone 60 85 424297
  Balcony Cafe & Pub
No. 341, First Foor, Unity Centre, Miri Pujut Road,
98000 ,
Miri Malaysia
  Bamboo House (Premier Hotel)
Jalan Kampong Nyabor,
96008 ,
Sibu Malaysia
Phone +60 (0)84 323222
  Blowpipe Lounge (Tanahmas Hotel)
Jalan Kampung Nyabor,
96000 ,
Sibu Malaysia
Phone +60 84 333188 @ Ext. 8214/8223
Fax +60 84 333288 / 320732
View Website
  Chaplin 339
Lot 339, Ground Floor, Pelita Commercial Centre,
98000 ,
Miri Malaysia
  Cherries Berries Cafe & Bar
Lot 341, Ground Floor Block 7, Unity Centre MCLD,
98000 ,
Miri Malaysia
Phone 60 85 412128
  Club Emas (Tanahmas Hotel)
Lot 277, Block 5, Jalan Kampung Nyabor,
96000 ,
Sibu Malaysia
Phone +60 84 333188 @ Ext. 8214/8223
Fax +60 84 333288 / 320732
View Website
  Country Jambore Cafe & Pub
Lot 238, 1st Floor, Jalan Maju, Taman Jade Manis,
98000 ,
Miri Malaysia
  Gymkhana ( GCM ) Club
Jalan Datuk Abg. Indis,
98000 ,
Miri Malaysia
Phone +60 85 439293
Fax +60 85 418407
  Kelab Shell Lutong (KSL )
P.O.Box 137,
98107 ,
Miri Malaysia
Phone +60 85 452453
  Little Roadhouse
4 Jln Causeway,
Sibu Malaysia
  Miri Anglers' Club
Lot 1354, Jalan Jee Foh, Krokop,
P.O.Box 1593,
98000 ,
Miri Malaysia
Phone +60 85 413550
Fax +60 85 414358
  Miri Motor Sports Club
C/o Lot 271-272, 3rd Floor, Brighton Centre,
Jalan Temenggong Datuk Oyong Lawai Jau,
98000 ,
Miri Malaysia
Phone +60 85 423033
Fax +60 85 417249
  Miri Mountain Bike Club
Lot 2397, 1st Floor Boulevard Commercial Centre,
98000 ,
Miri Malaysia
Phone +60 85 423589
Jln Wong Nai Siong, above Sarawak Hotel,
Sibu Malaysia
  Piasau Boat Club
C/o Sarawak Shell Berhad,
98100 ,
Miri Malaysia
Phone +60 85 655313
Fax +60 85 657249
  Riviera Lounge (Kingwood Hotel)
No.12, Lorong Lanang 4,
P.O.Box 1201,
96000 ,
Sibu Malaysia
Phone +60 84 33 5888
Fax +60 84 33 4559
Lorong Lanang 2, opp. Li Hua Hotel,
Sibu Malaysia
  The Ship Cafe
Lot 24, Piasau Garden,
98000 ,
Miri Malaysia


The Rafflesia flower grows up to a meter across and is among the strangest plants around.
Today it grows extremely rare in the world.
Despite having such a huge flower the plant has no roots since it is parasitic.
It steals its nutrients from plants to which it attaches itself.
The flower also has a unique scent - of rotting meat. This attracts insects that pollinate this strange bloom.
There is no way of telling when a Rafflesia will pop up. But one of the best places to see them is the Gunung Gading National Park near Lundu, about two hours drive from Kuching.
The park rangers keep careful watch on sprouting Rafflesia and if you call the park beforehand, they will tell you the chances of seeing one in bloom.



   Ben van Wijnen



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