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Simpang Mengayau

"the Tip of Borneo"

" Then we went to the "Tip of Borneo", the "Tip of Borneo" is the northernmost point of Borneo and that's where the Sulu and the South China Sea meet.
How beautiful the road was! I did not know what I saw, those islands here and so are all beautiful, but still, when you are there .... You are with so many more tourists that you are actually not special anymore. Well, that was a bit different in the jungle.
We drove there, through the jungle, now and then a cabin and locals, not seeing any tourists, that is really so beautiful, so beautiful that it is difficult to describe. It feels so special to walk in between with nothing around you, just jungle (with a lot of palm and banana trees and other trees, which I had never heard of) and locals.
The "tip" itself was really nice too! All just taken pictures. Everyone here will have their picture taken 'PEACE'! and they all wanted to have their picture taken with me. Haha I was like a traveling attraction!"

The "Tip of Borneo" with globe

Magellan reportedly came ashore here for 42 days on his 16th-century journey around the world. He thought it was so impressive here. This windy vantage point where the cliffs meet the sea once had a rugged promontory, but is now dominated by a large, truncated view of the world. But the monument is not what you come for.
You will come for the surreal drunken sunsets, for some of the most beautiful beaches in Borneo (which you probably have all to yourself), for the best surfing in Malaysia, for lazy hours and watching Rungus kids having a football kicking between bamboo thatched-roof houses, and for starry nights, dark from non-existent streetlights. Even though visitors have been coming here for years, you usually still have that feeling.

At 25 kilometers north of Kudat Borneo ends and there is a very special meeting. Here it is called Simpang Mengayau, where the South China Sea and the Sulu Sea hug each other. The sunsets and full moons are just beautiful. The Pulau Kalampunian lighthouse is a reminder of the treacherous coastline and shipwrecks past. On the left is the beautiful beach of Pantai Kalampunian with white long sandy beach and enchanting azure blue water.
It is a lovely walk down to the flagpole, the globe and the rocky spur that forms the "Point of Borneo". Enjoy the breathtaking views of the dramatic rock, where the end of Borneo is.

The beautiful beach and "Tip of Borneo"

There is ample parking space at the entrance of the Tip. You only have to walk 3 minutes to a hill that overlooks the Tip of Borneo. You will see the flagpole and globe monument at the end. Tourists love to take pictures here.
The rocky end looks like a sting from above and with some caution you can stand on the very last boulder in Borneo. Next to it is the dazzling Kalampunian Beach, which is an excellent place to watch sunsets and clear starry skies.

Flag and globe






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