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St. John Fort
Ben van Wijnen

Fort St. John
De ingang. Kanonnen zijn gericht op het binnenland

This fort was once a private Portuguese chapel to St. John the Baptist. It was rebuilt by the Dutch (VOC) in the 18th century and from that time it was named St. John's fort. The fort has an interesting feature - the cannons face inland as, during that time, attacks on Melaka came mainly from the hinterland instead of from the sea. The Dutch feared inland threats from Acehnese and Bugis invaders more than they did a maritime invasion.
Another attraction for many is the view from the top of the hill where St. John's Fort stands, particularly for the fantastic tropical sunsets.
St. John's Fort is a little way out of town. If you head away from town on Jalan Parameswara, it turns into Jalan Hujung Pasir. Turn left onto Jalan Bukit Senjuang. The Fort will be on your left.


Kanon kijkt uit over zee.
Canons overlooking the sea


The Dutch built the fort to protect itself from attacks from the local population who could not forgive them for colonising Malacca. However, before it became a fort, a small Portuguese chapel was built at its present site.

This soon changed in 1628 when opposing Acehnese forces from Sumatera occupied the hill and used it as a base to attack the Portuguese who were fortified at the A'Famosa.

 Later, the Dutch applied a similar strategy like the Acehnese to use the hill to attack the Portuguese. When the Portuguese were defeated, the Dutch built the fort after more than 100 years.


Besides its rich greenery where a small forested area is still left untouched, one can savour the beautiful and scenic view after they ascend the hill by driving up in a car or jogging up to the fort. From the fort one can have an unobstructed view of the changing skyline of Malacca and appreciate the progress the State has gone through.

At the top and looking out to the west, visitors will immediately notice the artificial island reclamation project — the RM2 billion Pulau Melaka project — which was previously the small island of Pulau Jawa

St. John's Fort is about 1,8 km from the centre of the town.

Kanonnen, richting binnenland. Achtergrond: de watertoren.
Canons overlooking the mainland.


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  Ben van Wijnen




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