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Marang is located 15 km south of Kuala Terengganu. The once small fishing village had only two rows of wooden houses in the city center, with a shallow river that divided the village in two. Marang developed rapidly, especially stimulated by the tourist industry. It is a favourite stopover for tourists, especially before they jump on a boat and leave for the beautiful islands of Pulau Kapas and Pulau Gemia.

Yet today Marang is still green with lush vegetation and old Malay village houses. The villagers still retain their simple traditional lifestyle and belief, while the remaining, small old fishing village still stands among the coconut trees. It is now seen by many, as the most beautiful location to view and photograph the most spectacular sunrise in the country.

With its beautiful beeches, swaying palms, Marang exudes a serene atmosphere. It is a place where you can relax before continuing to the islands. The beach of Marang is unique because it is golden and wide with remarkable sand dunes that end in the sea.

During the fruit season, the market in the city center is a good place to try all kinds of local fruits. The residents of the kampungs from the hinterland of Marang bring their harvest to the market every Wednesday and Saturday to sell their products there. Marang also has a pasar minggu (weekly market). If you happen to be in Marang visit the Marang Market on Sundays, or on Fridays in Kampong Sungai Kerak, visit the night market which starts around 6 PM.

The market in Marang

The Marang river safari is another nice attraction. You can book these with a local tour operator. By boat you sail over the Marang River and you can enjoy a picturesque view of mangrove forests. The aerial roots of the mangrove forests protrude above the water. This is the nursery for all kinds of small fish, crabs and other animals. Here they seek protection from the birds of prey and predatory fish.
The peace and tranquility with its fresh morning air determine the atmosphere for an interesting adventure. Iguanas, monkeys are a familiar sight along the river banks. On some lucky days you will see a group of otters swimming together. For more the more observant tourist there is also the possibility to see a water snake gliding in the river. Birds are plentiful, while occasionally you see an eagle gracefully descending on its prey. The whole part of the river is laced with thick river green of mangrove and "nipah", with clusters of small villages. The boat trip stops in the traditional Malaysian kampung Jenang at about 8 km upstream. Here is the chance to see a typical Malaysian "kampung" with its natural and easy way of living. Admire the skills of the villagers, such as weaving atap leaves (wicker leaves) and batik. There are also demonstrations how to make a roof of Nipah and how to make brown sugar in a traditional way (Gula Melaka). A nice demonstration is, if you see monkeys picking coconuts.

Nowadays gold is found in the neighborhood of Jenang, but the question remains whether this is profitable.

Demonstration traditional martial arts



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