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"The movie had the Super star of Hong Kong, Chow Yun fatt as well as the famous actress of Hollywood, Jodie Foster. Now, visitors can take a walk inside the palace, buy some souvenirs from the shops located on the premises and eat some delicious Thai dishes at the restaurant."

Summer Palace

From the Langkawi Magazine:

On the western side of Langkawi Island, about twelve kilometres north of Pantai Cenang, lies a beautiful bay with limestone hills and forest. The water here is clean and relatively shallow, the white powdery sand the ideal place on which to spend hours lazing. Four new resorts, a new golf course and a replica of a Thai palace are found here, but conspicuously missing are the chalets. The area is naturally quieter and more secluded than Pantai Cenang and makes an ideal romantic getaway or a tranquil honeymoon place. The adventurous visitor may contact hotel information to arrange guides for jungle trekking or cave hopping, but with few forms of modern entertainment and distractions available, visitors can simply enjoy relaxing in the natural beauty of the beach and bay.

Telaga Tujuh Visitors to Pantai Kok usually make it a point to travel a further two kilometres to the north to see the breath-taking Telaga Tujuh or "seven wells" Seven waterfalls flow one into the other and create seven pools on the face of the hill, hence the name. The swift flowing water has smoothed the rock surfaces so that water slides from one pool to another; finally cascading 90 metres down into the seventh pool. So pretty are the waterfalls, it is said that fairies were unable to resist the charm and made it their bathing place. A couple of plants growing around the pools are said to have been left behind by them. Accessible by car, motorbike or taxi; one metre after passing Pantai Kok, take the right turn, away from the Burau Bay Resort until you reach the car park. There are souvenir stalls at the foot of the hills. A short climb to the top of the falls will take about 45 minutes, with many things to see as you make your way through the rainforest.

Delightfully playful long-tailed macaque monkeys can be seen along with - if lucky - the giant cream coloured squirrel that are well known in these parts. You may even catch a glimpse of a hornbill hanging out of the treetops - with its huge hooked orange beak it is considered the most unique of all Malaysian birds. Listen carefully and you'll be able to make out the cackle-like call that it makes.

Summer Place (Anna & The King Movie Set)
In 1999, when Thailand turned Hollywood away for the filming of the movie "Anna & The King", the production team discovered Langkawi. The Summer Palace in Chiengmai was thus recreated in Pantai Kok, with its beautiful green surroundings, to represent the Jetty Pavillion, the main building of the palace, courtyard and Anna's house. Constructed in one and a half months, this movie set is 95% wood. When filming was completed, the set was not dismantled and the local government had it made a permanent structure.


Today, visitors will find a touch of the modern within this old Thai replica as the Summer Palace in Langkawi has a Thai restaurant and souvenir shop on its grounds. Visitors can be treated to traditional Thai performances held throughout the day as well as the movie "Anna & The King", as they sample delicious Thai food at the restaurant. At the souvenir shop, visitors are free to browse through products from Chiengmai - mini cabinets, mini thrones, pretty floating candles and colourful Thai silks - before making their choices of souvenirs to take home.

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Resorts World Langkawi

This resort, located in a corner of famous Pantai Cenang on Langkawi Island, is just 15 minutes from Langkawi Airport. Peaceful and relaxing, the resort has finely furnished rooms and boasts spectacularly unobstructed views of the ocean, the sunrise, or the garden. Enjoy the convenience of the private jetty for activities like island hopping, boat rides, and sunset cruises. Intimate dining, walks along the boardwalk, or pampering at the recognized 5-star Javanese spa are great for couples. Plus, the resort is just 10 minutes from Pantai Cenang proper and other duty-free shopping venues! Along with excellent on-site eateries and facilities, Resorts World Langkawi is perfect for travelers who appreciate scenery and romance.

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