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Kuala Besut

Ben van Wijnen.

Kuala Besut

Kuala Besut is a small town at the northern  State of  Terengganu. Bordering with Kelantan and Kuala Besut has significant Kelantanese influence.  It is situated next to South Chinese Sea where lies a Perhentian Island.

This little fishing town is an jumping-off point for tourist to Pulau Perhentian. For some years there was Tok Bali.
Kuala Besut is a compact square township with narrow streets, shops, hawkers centre and souvenirs outlets in the town centre.
A number of speedboats and tour operators for Pulau Perhentian can be found here.
When you're crossing the bridge, you'll see the original fishing village of Kuala Besut. Here are the scenes and the characters that some of the tourists and especially foreigners are looking for.
Kuala Besut is a small fishermen and tourism town. It has a few hotels and motels, a few coffee shops, retail shops, one pharmacy shop and one clinic. Kuala Besut always likes to welcome any foreigner or local tourist to stay for short and long term holidays.

In the 70's Kuala Besut was a hub for fishermen to sell their fish. They were proud of being an important hub for fishermen. But it has lost its pride to to port Tok Bali, Kelantan.
Now the village of Besut is a pass-through place on the way to Pulau Perhentian. Kuala Besut and Tok Bali are "the official of Perhentian Island boat terminals by the Government of Malaysia" to provide transportation for local and foreign tourists.

Selected Hotels in Kuala Besut <click here>

Fishing boats


Kuala Besut - Perhentian 09.00 hours - 14.00 hours
Tok Bali - Perhentian 07.00 hours - 10.00 hours - 12.00 hours - 16.00 hours
Perhentian - Kuala Besut 08.00 hours - 12.00 hours - 16.00 hours
Perhentian - Tok Bali 08.00 hours - 11.00 hours - 13.00 hours - 17.00 hours
Kuala Besut - Perhentian 08.30 hours - 14.30 hours
Perhentian - Kuala Besut 08.00 hours - 12.00 hours
Perhentian - Tok Bali 08.00 hours - 12.00 hours

Map Tok Bali and Kuala Besut

Fast boat : Adult RM60.00 / pp. Child : RM30.00 / pp
Slow boat : Adult RM40.00 / pp. Child : RM20.00 / pp
It is advisable to purchase a return ticket from Kuala Besut as there are no sale of ticket from Pulau Perhentian. Probably you would pay too much for your way back.
The boat trip from Kuala Besut to Perhentian Islands takes about   hour journey by fast boat and 1 hour by slow boat.

Some taxi fares:
Kuala Besut - Kota Bharu ( Town ) - RM 40.00 ( Ac ) - RM 30.00 ( N-Ac )
Kuala Besut - Kota Bharu ( Airport ) - RM 49.00 ( Ac ) - RM 45.00 ( N-Ac )
Kuala Besut - Kuala Terengganu ( Town ) - RM 65.00 ( Ac ) - RM 50.00 ( N-Ac )
Kuala Besut - Kuala Terengganu ( Airport ) - RM 70.00 ( Ac ) - RM 60.00 ( N-Ac )
Kuala Besut - Marang Jetty ( Kapas Island / Gemia Island ) - RM 80.00 ( Ac ) - RM 65.00 ( N-Ac )


From Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Besut by bus.
Bus Station: Hentian Putra Station (opposite PWTC = Putra World Trade Centre).

Mutiara Ekspress
Tel: (6) 603-40433655
daily departure at 9.00pm
RM 30.80
Mahligai Ekspress
Tel: +6 03-4042 8533
daily departure at 9.00pm
RM 30.80

Changes to fares and time schedules are just a guide. Please contact the operators for most updated information.







  Ben van Wijnen


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