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Ben van Wijnen

Take a look! Every world is different and you discover every world in a different way. Where are you going to go first? With trunk or without trunk. Wagging or roaring. Quirky fur or camouflage. Some animals you just have to see with your own eyes in the zoos in Malaysia.
Zoos are always a good idea. Because kids always love animals!

Glad to be behind glass

And in Malaysia there are big and small zoos. There are also shelters for animals such as orangutans, rhinoceroses, sea turtles, elephants, sun bears (such as Winnie the Pooh). They all live in Malaysia. Small zoos can be found almost everywhere at large places, such as Langkawi, Melaka, Penang, etc. For this you have to ask at the reception of your hotel. But the biggest zoos are in Kuala Lumpur and Taiping.
In Kuala Lumpur it's called "Zoo Negara" and in Taiping it's just called "Taiping Zoo". These zoos are different from ours. Here they let the animals perform tricks. You can always find a program for this at the entrance of the zoo. Many foreigners think that is pathetic, but in the Netherlands we also have performances with animals, such as parrots or dolphins.
In Kuala Lumpur, the special elephant show and dolphin show in the zoo is very popular. In Taiping they have a night safari through the zoo. This one starts at 8pm. You then ride a train through the zoo and then you can view the animals, which are active at night. This is a unique experience. As a result, it is the only zoo in Northern Malaysia that receives a large number of visitors. Of course you can also walk through the zoo with your parents.

Los de rebus op!

The Taiping Zoo is the oldest zoo in Malaysia. It was established in 1961. It is located in a beautiful natural setting by the Lake Gardens, close to the foot of Bukit Larut Mountain (Maxwell Hill). The beautiful natural environment with streams, lakes and abundance of flora gave the zoo the opportunity to use nature to create a natural zoo. 'Taman Mergastua Sultan Idris Shah' or the Taiping Zoo, at the Lake Gardens in Taiping, is the only zoo in the north of the Malaysia.
It is one of the largest zoos in Malaysia.

Taiping Zoo owns tigers, lions, elephants, hippos, giraffes, hornbills, orangutans and other animals. Furthermore, one tries to breed with the animals and they are very successful in that.
The zoo is divided into different landscapes such as the lowland, the rainforest, the Perak River. But other countries are also represented: Australian fauna, colors of the Amazon, African savanna and Indian deer and antelope. As a result, there are many different animals to see, which one can hear and see during the Night Safari.

The Taiping Night Safari is the first of its kind in Malaysia. Bathed in the (artificial) moonlight, the beauty and magnificence of nature is shown.
In an effort to create a natural environment, the Taiping Night Safari tries to show the nocturnal animals in their natural environment. This gives visitors the opportunity to appreciate and appreciate the beauty of nature and animals, while enjoying yourself.



The Kuala Lumpur Zoo is located 13 km from the city center and is open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Recently, they have also started to open the zoo in the evenings. You can admire the animals until 11 pm. Just like in Taiping. It might be interesting to view the animals when it gets dark. The zoo has about 400 different animal species, including birds, mammals, reptiles, and fish. Of course you will find many animals in the zoo that belong in Malaysia and that is why a visit to the Zoo Negara is worthwhile. There is also a regular bus that runs through the zoo in the Zoo Negara. You have to pay a small amount for this. The special thing is, when you walk through the zoo, there are signs at the animal enclosure: "Sponsored by the Esso" or another company.

Lijkt mij wel gevaarlijk.



The elephant show seems a bit amateurish, but it's really worth checking out. They are (in our eyes) circus acts. I'm not judging this because I have it in het I have been to several zoos in the Far East (including Colombo), but there are also animal shows in the Netherlands.
People in Malaysia just treat the animals differently, but they do this with respect!
The sitter has a very good contact with the elephants. Would a stranger de approaching elephants without the keeper being there, one must fear for one's life.
An elephant does not accept orders from another, only from its keeper.

The show begins with the emergence of two elephants. Note: the sitter removes a lid from a well. There is water in it and later the elephants, with their trunks, spray the public.
So make sure you are not in the front!

When the elephants stand on their hind legs, they almost lie on their sitter. In short: tricks you would expect in a circus.

See more about the zoos at:
- Taiping Zoo (Taiping)
- Zoo Negara (Kuala Lumpur)




  Ben van Wijnen


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