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Ah, I'm glad you visit this page despite the difficult name “Canopy Walk”. It is an adventurous page, where you have to push your limits. You are going to walk high in trees from treetop to treetop. We do not know this in the Netherlands. It is a kind of swinging rope bridge from tree to tree. Sometimes you walk 20 or 30 meters above the ground. I know from experience that it can be quite scary. But.....your path is really tied up with steel cables. And you put your feet on metal plates.

Malaysia goes a canopy walk from treetop to treetop, but in other countries it might be best to walk over a ravine. The Canopy Walk is suitable for young and old and it is a very fun activity to do with your parents. At the Canopy not only do steel cables swing, but there is also a walk over the forest (jungle). You might see a monkey during the walk, or see beautiful colorful birds. You can find a canopy walk everywhere in Malaysia. Just ask (in English) at the reception or residents. Everyone speaks English as it used to be a colony of England.

Everyone lands in Malaysia at the airport of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). So you will spend the first days in the capital. Well, here are the first options to do a canopy walk. The easiest way is to take a 20 to 30 minute taxi ride to the FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia), a jungle research station. This is a great place for anyone wanting to see what a Malaysian rainforest feels like. The Canopy Walk is located deep inside the jungle, about a 15 minute walk and you can go up with one of the park rangers. In total you walk here 130 meters long and 30 meters above the ground. The tour is interesting because you will encounter beautiful flowers and monkeys and birds. Every taxi driver knows where to find the FRIM.
Another option is close to the center of Kuala Lumpur at the KL Tower. We used to call the hill on which this tower stands Bukit Nanas (Pineapple Hill), but today it has an expensive name: KL Forest Nature Park. It is the only rainforest nature reserve in the heart of the city. The beauty of this Eco Park is that the Canopy Walk leads you directly to the KL Tower via a number of paths. The Canopy consists of 4 parts and is (still) free. Within 15 minutes you are at the KL Tower. A nice opportunity to visit that tower. The entrance to the Canopy Walk is at Jalan Raja Chulan.

But… no doubt you will go further than just Kuala Lumpur. Throughout the country there are opportunities to do the Canopy Walk. You have to go into the jungle. One of the nicest is in Taman Negara. Here you walk 40 meters above the ground and the length is 530 meters. You always have a different beautiful view. With a bit of luck you can spot monkeys or hornbills during your walk above the ground. Only a limited number of people are allowed on the rope bridges at a time, so you have to wait a while.

The highest Canopy Walkway can be found on Sabah (Borneo). You arrive in the capital of Sabah: Kota Kinabalu. You can take an excursion to the highest Canopy Walk from this place. It reaches a height of 43 meters and has a length of 175 meters. This is located in the Kinabalu National Park, which is famous for the mountain Mount Kinabalu (4095 high). The Canopy consists of a low (20 meters) and a high part (43 meters). The canopy is located in the same area as the Poring Hot Springs, a hot sulfur spring believed to have medicinal properties.


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