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Thumper explains to Bambi that it is not a bird, but a butterfly. The butterfly flies away, causing Bambi to think that a large yellow flower is a butterfly. Thumper explains to him that it is actually a flower. The young Bambi, tries to smell one of the flowers of the small field, but comes face to face with a young skunk. Bambi calls the animal 'Flower', causing Thumper to roll on the ground, roaring with laughter.

A path leads up through the twilight jungle to a waterfall. Everything is green, except for something yellow, which flies across the path. It turns out to be a butterfly! Welcome to one of the most fascinating fluttering destinations in the world: Malaysia.
The sun is almost perpendicular to the tropical sky. The day is getting hot in the kampong. The birds, which made themselves heard during the first hours of the day, are beginning to keep quiet. Too hot.

Only swallows, reptiles and insects don't care. Yellow and white butterflies flutter happily along the narrow asphalt roads, looking for flowers, or maybe just fluttering around.
Almost everyone loves butterflies, especially butterflies. Most of them are colorful, flutter happily and don't hurt a fly; butterflies are useful: they pollinate flowers!
In and around a Meleise kampong with many trees and shrubs you can usually still find a wealth of butterfly species. Anyone who has spent a week there and thinks they have seen all the butterfly species by now, is mistaken.
There seems to be a dead leaf on a mango leaf. Unexpectedly, the 'leaf' spreads its wings: it turns out to be a beautiful blue-and-orange butterfly. The animal flutters a few meters further, settles down again, closes its wings a few times and opens it again and finally closes again, after which only the brown underside is visible.
A black and white butterfly shows the same behaviour, as does an apparently white butterfly whose wings show a beautiful black pattern, with even a yellow corner.

KL Butterfly Park

The Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park is located near the Lake Gardens. The park is an imitation of the natural environment of these butterflies: the rainforest. The butterfly park is not touristy and there is an oasis of peace. There are countless beautiful butterflies to see and there are several walking paths through the garden. It is very beautifully landscaped with many different species of butterflies and plants, beautiful clear water features with waterfalls and fountains.

About 5000 butterflies fly in the Butterfly Park and there are 120 species. To make this beautiful park, they used about 15,000 plants and dug some ponds.
Along the paths are some benches so you can sit and watch the butterflies. They fly around you! Here and there have also been made places where the butterflies can eat of the laid fruit, such as pineapple.



Other attractions include Japanese koi fish, freshwater turtles, live insects and a museum with a large collection of butterflies and insects from around the world.
Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park is a real secret paradise where butterflies actually fly casually amid fragrant flowers and blooming vines.

It is a joy to watch these butterflies fly. Sometimes they come and sit on you to rest for a while.
From the lookout tower you get a nice overview of the park.
On the way out you pass a small insect museum, where it is wonderfully cool. From there you will enter a souvenir shop, where you can buy stuffed butterflies and insects, among other things.
Near the Butterfly Park are the Orchid Garden and the Bird Park.

The Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park is located by the Lake Gardens and the main entrance is at Jalan Cenderasari. The butterfly farm is located within the city limits of Kuala Lumpur, so the park is easily accessible.


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