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pics by Benny Tan

De vergeten brug.

The sleepy town of Karai, near Enggor, is hidden between the rubber plantations. It's about a twenty minutes drive from Kuala Kangsar and it lies beside the Sungei Perak. You can enjoy a serene view of the gentle flow of the Perak River and the mighty Victoria Bridge which spans the wide river; the banks of the river being bordered by bamboo clumps and jungle. It's about about two miles from the Iskandar Bridge.

De vergeten brug.

xx The bridge in Karai was built by the Perak State Railway in 1900.
Suspecting exists that the grubbing of the tin extraction an important reason has been for the construction of this particular bridge.

The Victoria Bridge, at that time, was one of the most beautiful bridges in SouthEast Asia, and was opened in 1900 by the sultan of Perak: Idris Mersid-el-Aazam.

Some people think that the  Victoria Bridge looks like a kind of "bridge over the river Kwai", but that's not true.
There is another bridge in Malaysia, which looks like the bridge over the river Kwai: the Guillemard Bridge in Kelantan.

The sleepy town of Kampong Karai, which is situated beside the Perak River, located about 134.5km from the Butterworth station.
There are several handicraft centres which sell local crafts. Traditional handicraft is a prominent cottage industry within the state. it is predominantly found in Kuala Kangsar than anywhere else. Handicraft centres sell many different types of local crafts like earthenware, gold embroidery, bamboo carvings and seashell designs. While you will most probably be able to find well stocked handicraft centres along every route you travel, the most famous and popular centres are at Enggor, Kampung Berala, Kampung Padang Changkat and Kampung Bendang.

De vergeten brug. xx Further on in Enggor, you can buy inexpensive local crafts in the Perbadanan Kemajuan Kraftangan Malaysia.
In the village of Labu Sayong, just past the Iskandariah Bridge over the Perak, talented potters exhibit and sell the black glazed pottery typical of the area.
Here you can buy 'labu sayong' (water gourds made from semi-porous blackened burnt clay).
is an earthenware pitcher used traditionally by the local Malay community to store drinking water. It is believed that the storage not only keeps contents cool but also safe as it provides protection against all sorts of illnesses.
Other products are terracotta and glazed pots, which then be made into flowerpots, potpourri vases, lamp bases and wall decorations.

De rails zijn overwoekerd.

  You can be rest assured that the handicrafts sold here are of exceptional quality but reasonably priced.

You can't discover much of the train rails at the North side of the river.
A couple of shaky stones constructions at the beginning of the bridge are still quiet witnesses of the fared glory.
The rails have been overgrown by the marching jungle, of which the photograph on the left is a quiet witness!
Do you still see the rails on the Victoria Bridge?







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