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Pulau Gemia
Sea turtles and Sharks

If you are staying at Pulau Kapas, Pulau Gemia is close by. It is a small island just off the coast of Kapas. If you want to take a look on that island, you can easily go with a rented kayak, or good swimmers can easily swim to it. If you want, you can even snorkel to it. The distance between the two islands is only 800 meters.
If you do not want to exert yourself there is still a possibility to take a look at Gemia. Just go to the boys at the Longsha Camping on Kapas. They will arrange a boat trip to Gemia for you.
There are two beautiful beaches that are perfect for swimming, snorkeling and relaxing. There is only one resort on this private island. It is a very nice resort. It is certainly a bit pricey, but it is a great place to spend your holiday.

Pulau Gemia is also home to one of the "Shark bays", where you have the chance to swim with sharks. I saw two sharks while swimming and it was incredible!
In the evening, a group of sharks should swim in the water between the island of Gemia and the island of Kapas in search of food. Staff at the resort call this area "shark line". Do not worry, they are only sharks with a length of less than 2 meters. They are harmless.
However, there is more to see. If you pay attention, you will see sea eagles, reef eagles and terns. Also, the rare "leatherback turtle" (sea turtle) comes every year to the island to bury her eggs. According to some of the returning tourists every year, who spend their holidays on this island, the green sea turtles, the sea turtle and the Olive Ridley sea turtle are regular visitors.

Olive Ridley

It is no wonder that Pulau Gemie is a "Turtle Conservation Sanctuary". The staff at the resort is looking for turtle eggs on the secluded beaches of Gemia and also at the nearby Kapas. The eggs are collected and transferred to the turtle sanctuary to be buried in the sand until the eggs hatch. The sea turtles break open the soft shell and climb upwards. There the young turtles are kept in a specially constructed swimming pool by the jetty before they are released into the open sea. These turtles are a willing prey for sea eagles and predatory fish. As a visitor to the sea turtle rescue center, you can be lucky if you let go of turtles to the sea.
It is remarkable that these small animals know the way to the sea immediately. Also if you put them head-to-head, they turn around and walk to the sea. A great adventure awaits them here and many years later they return to Pulau Gemia (or Kapas) to bury their eggs again
If you do not want to stay on Pulau Kapas and still want to visit this shelter, you can always take the speed drill from Marang.




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