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Kapas Jungle Trekking

Pulau Kapas has a dense jungle and is hilly. There are two routes on the island, which you walk through the jungle. They go to the other side (north side) of the island and arrive at the same point: a pebble beach (Stoney Beach). This entirely in contrast to the beautiful beaches in the south of the island, from where you left. It is not a difficult walk, but you go up and down. On the other side is a steep descent, but you can do this descent with a rope.
The trip to the other side of the island is about 3 kilometers long and an "ordinary" walker does this in a maximum of two hours. An experienced walker will take a shorter time. There are no toilets on your "jungle trek", so go before you depart. It is also advisable to bring a bottle of water and (perhaps) some fruit.

The Jungle Trekking
The trip starts on the beach at the Kapas Island Resort. From here you walk to Captain Longhouse at the end of the beach. Here you have to take the path that goes to Kapas Turtle Valley. You have to take the stairs over a number of rocks. Here is, when you see a sign, a staircase leads up to the lighthouse (29m). When you reach the lighthouse, turn left into the path that leads through the jungle.
You will see wooden signs on the way, on which typical island quotes are engraved, such as "just take photos" and "leave nothing but footprints". These are of course good advice and you also stick to it! This is a good start to your journey through the jungle. The path is here and there marked by a rope, signs or orange poles, so you do not take the wrong turn and could get lost. After about 800 meters you come across a sign and then you know that you have more than one kilometer to go.
You will be amazed by the colorful natural flora and fauna of the island.


From the Captain Longhouse to the Kapas Turtle Valley

Suddenly you are faced with a steep descent, where you can best use the rope to descend. Then you suddenly stand below. With such great sandy beaches on the inhabited side of the island, the pebble beach did not stand out.
After a "break" of twenty minutes you could start a retreat. You take another path for this, because you can walk a triangle, the sandy beach at the beginning was the first stretch. You climb up again and follow a small stream that you will follow back and forth for the time being. The second half is a lot flatter and that goes extra fast. You also pass pools of stagnant water, which is popular with mosquitoes. Before you know it, you end the jungle trek at the back of Kapas Island Resort. You are back on the beach, which you love so much.
The course is easy to follow, although the distance markings are so inaccurate. All in all, there are no spectacular views, which you can enjoy on your walk. With the exception of the lighthouse, it is a nice change from the daily routine on Kapas: sunbathing, reading and snorkeling.
This trip lasted two including a break of twenty minutes. You could do this walk in the opposite direction, but the end on the beach at Kapas Turtle Valley is absolutely the best.


The other side of Kapas



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Kapas Island Resort

Kapas Island Resort is located on Kapas Island off Terengganu State, East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The jetty to the island is 15 minutes drive from Kuala Terengganu town and 30 minutes drive from Kuala Terengganu Airport. The boat ride from Marang Jetty to Kapas Island Jetty takes approximately 10 minutes by a sheltered speed boat. Marang Jetty provides ample secured parking lots. If one chooses to drive, it will take approximately 5 hours non stop driving from Kuala Lumpur city to Marang Jetty. The resort is only few minutes walking distance from main jetty on the island. Just in front of the resort lies a white and long sandy beach, which is a short walking distance from the chalets. The resort facilities include 60 units of Malay built traditional designed wooden chalets, two dormitories, a swimming pool, 3 covered multi purpose hall, one open air hall, a karaoke room, a seaside open air restaurant and a surau. An outdoor (volley ball, beach football and jungle trekking) and an indoor games (carom, chess, congkak, mahjung, card etc) as well as marine activities (snorkeling, fishing, squid catching etc) is available at the resort recreation centre. Arrangement for a scuba diving and kayaking is also available. The resort could cater up to 250 guests at one time. The resort is operated and managed by a private owned Bumiputra company, licensed under the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia.

More information and photos: Kapas Island Resort |click now|


To reach the resorts, a compulsory boat transfer needs to be arranged. The Boat schedules are as follows:
Marang Jetty Kapas Island: departs at 09:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 01:00 PM, 03:00 PM and 05:00 PM
Kapas Island - Marang Jetty: departs at 09:30 AM, 11:30 AM, 01:30 PM, 03:30 PM and 05.30 PM
The ferry departure scheduled for 01:00 PM (Marang Jetty Kapas Island) and 01:30 PM (Kapas Island - Marang Jetty) are not available on every Friday.
Due to the monsoon season, ferry services may be cancelled by the Marine Department. Please contact the property for more details.





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