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Enlightened Heart Tibetan Temple

"Not many people in Ipoh know this temple. It is a hidden location covered by wild plants and trees along the road. There are very few Tibetan Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia. This temple is a rare to find and is one of the largest Tibetan traditional Buddhist temples in the country.
It lies at the foot of a limestone stretch of a limestone mountain. The pointer sign stands just before the turn of the road that leads to the temple. Continue for another 1 to 3 km and you will see the temple along the way. The road is narrow and placed with bushes on the sides, where only one car can drive, so pay attention."

Pagoda and Statue

Enlightened Heart Tibetan Buddhist Temple is an old charm and is located in Tambun. Not very much of people in Ipoh knows about it. The road to approach this is a very narrow road covered with bushes and unkempt wild plants on your left and right. Then suddenly, this huge Tibetan temple appears out of nowhere after a while. It is at a hidden location covered by wild plants on the approaching roads and surroundings. The main pagoda is dusty and looks like it hasn't been maintained in years. While some may criticise all these, strangely the decrepit nature of this temple gives it an odd charm - as if you just discovered a lost Tibetan temple in the jungle.

There are very few Tibetan Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia, this temple is a rare find and is one of the largest Tibetan-tradition Buddhist temples in the country. It is located at the foot of Ipoh’s impressive stretch of limestone. The road sign is just before the turn to the road that leads to the temple. Travel about 1.2 km along the road directed from there. The road is narrow and covered with bushes on the sides where only one vehicle can travel at a time and therefore so be watchful.

The temple is very quiet, five of us were the only visitors only at that time other than the volunteers who maintain it. They told me that this temple is vibrant on festive season like Wesak days but rather quiet with few visitors on other days with few people. Nevertheless the architecture and the design are great. It is serine, spiritual and clears our souls when visited. There are some really impressive statues.


Inside the pagoda

By comparison with other more famous temples, it is quite new, and it is possible to feel the strong personal commitment volunteer There is one room with huge jars around. Volunteers helped us with directions. It was very beautiful and peaceful. The stairs led all the way to the top of this 13 storey Pagoda; where a golden statue of Lord Buddha with open hand is situated; overlooking at Ipoh town. The Pagoda houses an enormous Sakyamuni Buddha statue but it is dusty and looks like it hasn't been maintained in years. The climb to the top of the pagoda will reward you with great views. Every floor of this pagoda is decorated with statues, deities and paintings depicting the rich mythology of Buddhism and a breathtaking view of Kinta Valley can be seen from the top.
At 9 am you can observe ritual at the main altar. Monks chanted sutras and disciples blowing horns and other traditional Tibetan instruments included in the processions. The masked dancers made the Charm dance in attractive costumes in elegant fashion.


The Enlightened Heart Tibetan Temple was started in 1976 on a small piece of land about 500 metres remote from the road. In 1979 the present Master moved in and expansion began. It is now a major complex on 12 acres of land, with a 13-story pagoda which was built between 1996 and 2009. The largest Buddhist statue in Ipoh stand grand on the greenish limestone hills.

Enlightened Heart Buddhist Temple, also known as Jingang Jing She by the locals is surrounded by magnificent perimeters of luscious valleys, orchards and limestone hills. More than 200 statues displayed in the temple was a sight to behold. The amalgam of influences rendered the decorations, statues, deities and paintings slightly different from the common Buddhist or Taoist temples.

Prayer Wheels

Off Jalan Ampang (Jalan Ampang Baru 6 in Google Maps)
Tambun, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

Directions : Coming from Jalan Tambun towards Tambun town and Sunway City, you will pass by Hospital Pantai Putri on your left at the crossroad. Go straight until you reach Tambun town; and turn RIGHT at the traffic lights where you can see the Tambun police station directly opposite of you. This road is Jalan Ampang Baru 6. Go straight but take note of signboards indicating PERSATUAN ENLIGHTENED HEART BUDDHIST, or TAMBUN TIBETAN TEMPLE, or PERSATUAN PENGANUT DEWA JINGANG JING SHE to your LEFT. Turn in, and about 1km into the small alley, you will see the temple.

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