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 Gunung Ledang

"This is a good place to connect with nature. The waterfall is cool and refreshing and there are lots of campers around here. The trek is pretty decent and not too difficult to climb. The management needs to be more stern to deal with campers who fail to preserve the surrounding environment.....there are still a little bit too many rubbish to my liking."

The legendary beauty of Mount Ophir (Gunung Ledang) has made it one of Johor's most popular attractions for hikers and birdwatchers.
There two known ways of reaching the summit. One is from Sagil, a town in Johor, the other is through Asahan, Melaka. The shorter route is from Asahan. Gunung Ledang ( or Mount Ophir as it is otherwise better known ) is the most visited mountain in Malaysia. It is not peculiar to find people who has climb the mountain more than 10 times.
The reason being, the place is easily accessible and suitable for beginners who wants to feel what mountains in Malaysia are really like. Some groups are using this mountain as a training ground for other challenging venues.


The Ledang trail starts from Gunung Ledang resort, near Sagil village is close to the Melaka and Johor border.
The other way of reaching the summit is through Asahan trail in Melaka, an easier route.
The paved road starts besides the river leading and leads towards a few staircases till an open gate, where the real climbing begins.
If you want to trek up Gunung Ledang, it's about five hours to the summit from the park. Alternatively, one can arrange a 4WD transfer for a quick and easier trip which interestingly, offers an equally beautiful view of the surrounding Sagil area and a breathtaking sight of Gunung Ledang Dam.



Gunung Ledang is believed to have the richest flora species in the world.
It has a 50 metres high waterfall with a wide drop of 50 metres.
It has icy cool waters charge down upon large boulders, then break into rushing  rapids before plugging into the large sandy pool below.


This waterfall, discovered some 50 years ago, is name the "Puteri Waterfalls"
Over the period it has witnessed thousands of tourists almost every week, picnicking, backpacking or just bathing in the refreshing water of the pool.
You'll see giant butterflies, brightly coloured spiders amidst wild tropical flowers of bright yellow, crimson and orange.

Crickets and frogs singing song of the jungle, chirping sounds of birds become the music of this tropical wonderland.

The summit was just beyond the boulders. There's a flat ground revealed at the summit of Gunung Ledang at 4187ft. Wide and flat, mystical and lovely. I can get a panoramic view of Segamat and Jementah town of Johor, and the historical Melaka.
According to the legend, the princess was of slim build and medium height and had a stunning beauty. Further, she was also endowed with a sinuous movement, that accentuated every curve of her little body.

Men were naturally attracted to her but amongst the many, she was claimed to have spurned was the Sultan of Melaka.
The legend tells us, that the princess eventually married one Nakhoda Ragam, a hero whose name unfailingly struck terror into the hearts of those, who had dared to oppose him.
But this hero was later to die at the hands of his princess-wife.
Ragam was found of tickling the Princess's ribs and one day, in an uncontrollable burst of reaction. The Princess stabbed her husband in the breast with a needle she was handling.
Therefore the Princess returned to Mount Ophir and vowed never to set eyes on another man.
Ragam's boat, not long after, was crushed during a storm and legend tells us that the debris of the wreck transformed into the present six islands off Melaka


Height: 1276 meters (Highest in Johor State)
Location: Asahan, Melaka
Summit temperature: 10-20 degrees Celsius

Gunung Ledang Resort, Tangkak
Bt, 26 Sagil, 84900 Tangkak,
Johor, Malaysia.
06-977 2888


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