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(the second national park - Johor National Park)

"We stayed inside the rainforest for three nights as the only tourists in the Orang Asli Kampung Peta village. We were fetched with a 4x4 in Kahang, to find a fully laid out program and a very warm welcome with the indigenous forest people. We learned about local culture, and efforts to sustain it, stayed in an authentic bamboo house and had lovely meals with local ingredients overlooking the river and the endless rainforest. Our very knowledgeable guide showed us medical plants, animal traps and local games, we went down the river in tubes and on a night walk and night cruise."

This park is located at the Johor - Pahang border. Endau-Rompin National Park, which is made up of the pristine Tropical Rainforest of Endau is the second largest national park in the Peninsula Malaysia covering and area of 48,905 hectares. The park's name comes from the Endau and Rompin rivers that flow through the park. Rock formations date back to 248 million years characterize the many steep vertical falls down the plateaus and faults, steep-sided cliffs and deep gorges. The tropical rainforest of Endau which is mostly hilly with some prominent sandstone plateau is the watershed of several rivers including the Sungai Endau, Sungai Selai and Sungai Jasin.


As well as the numerous cascades on every stream, the three main rivers of Endau-Rompin national park each have their awe magnificent waterfall. Undoubtedly the jewel of the park is the awe inspiring Buaya Sangkut waterfall on the Jasin river. (The Orang Asli believes that whoever wash their eyes of Buaya Sangkut will never go blind). These 40 meters wide and 120 meters high fall are the reward of hours of trekking, and challenging climb to the top reveals breathtaking views over the canopy of the surrounding jungle.

Botanists have found many new species of flora and fauna along the stream and on the nearby hills in Endau-Rompin park. The most spectaculars of the discoveries was the fan palm. So characteristic of the ridge and hill top named Livistonia Endauensis dominating the forest on the plateau of the Gunung Janing Barat. There's still lie within our rainforest numerous hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Take the challenge, experience nature at its best, and delve into mysteries that await you.
Wildlife observation in the tropical rainforest is very difficult because of the thick vegetation and secretive animals. Recent scientific studies have show Endau-Rompin to be the home to the largest population of the endangered Sumatran Rhinoceros. It's also possible that you can observe deer, gaur, black leopards, tigers, tapirs and elephants.

For bird watcher, Endau-Rompin is home to over 250 species of birds ranging from the ridiculously small refocus peculate (the smallest woodpecker about a size of a man's thumb) to the eagles and the famous hornbills.


The Orang Asli (the indigenous people) here are from the Jakun tribes, the natives of the jungle which is now settled down at Kampung Peta. They are good trackers, and have lived long enough in the wilds to recognize the smell, sound tracks and signs on the earth surface and its surrounding. Their skills enable them to trace food, daily necessities, stay out of danger and even to the immediate surroundings for green medicine to combat ailments and poisonous snake bites.

It is best to contact your travel agent for guided tours of Endau-Rompin, as the area is largely underdeveloped and infrastructure is minimal. Entry permits are a must and visitors will have to provide two passport sized photographs and a photocopy of their identity card or passport. Endau-Rompin is accessible by road from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore but it is advisable to use 4WD. It takes 5 hours from KL. Your travel agent will be able to provide further details as to the itinerary of your tour. The tour will typically include all meals, accommodation, and transport to and from Endau-Rompin, as well as transport within the park.

There are two entry points to the park, Kampung Peta and Nitar. The former is located 56km from Pahang The visitor would have to traverse through rubber and oil palm plantations, as well as dense jungle along dirt tracks to the base camp. From Nitar, a Felda Plantation scheme, the park can be reached after an 8 hour boat ride along the Endau River. Kampung Peta is the most remote Orang Asli settlement in Johor.


To take with you!
What you don't do!
1. Bathing suit 1. Do not litter
2. Joggers/Walking shoes 2. Bring all rubbish out of the jungle
3. Slippers/Flip Flops 3. Do not damage any plants or trees
4. Jumper 4. Do Not Make Excessive Noice
5. Caps/Hats 5. Stay healthy. Do not take unnecessary risks.
6. Toiletries climbing trees or rocks.
7. Insect Repellent/Baygon 6. Always listen to advise given by your guides.
8. A comfortable backpack for trekking 7. Do not stay away from the group.
9. Torchlight /Water bottles you can easily get lost
10. Energy giving snacks/chocolates


    Ben van Wijnen



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