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Cemerung Waterfall

Zwemmen bij de Cemerung waterval

Every weekend we try to make a day trip in our area.
This time we had one of the many waterfalls on our program. I had seen "Ceralak Waterfalls" on the route map, not so far from us.

I wanted to go there, but my husband, did not have much confidence in going there, because we did not know exactly where the road will bring us. Car full of petrol, eating and drinking with us for the trip, so nothing could happen to us and we left.
They have good road maps in Malaysia, but then only the main roads are on the map.
There is only one main road in the town where we live, so we can't get lost quickly. I would drive, because I need more experience with driving on the left side of the road. I still seem to drive too much left and Joop thinks (not even once happened) that I will shoot off the road.


De route vanaf onze woonplaats naar de Cemerung waterval.

The road to the waterfall is really beautiful, you drive along rubber plantations and huge fields with palm trees. This time we saw a few monkeys and two wild boars on the left side of the road. We see cows, goats and water buffaloes every day, so that is no longer a special feature.
After about one hour drive to the waterfalls we came across a sign with "Air Terjun" Cemerung, we turned left. "Air Terjun" is waterfall in Malay. There are other waterfalls than the ones mentioned on the map, but we drove this road, because we had no idea how to get to that other waterfall.
Finally we arrived at the starting point of the walk to the waterfall. It was at a dead end road with a large parking lot and a few eateries. I parked our car and we went on the road. There was a nice path that went up along the river. We walked straight through a beautiful forest with very old trees and the river flowed beside us. Already after 10 minutes of walking, came a first waterfall. There were already people with children playing in the water. Mom and dad were sitting on a big stone and were enjoying a meal of rice. After 20 minutes the concrete path stopped and we had to follow the forest path. I had not realized that all that concrete had to be dragged upwards and so now also understand why they stop the concrete footpath at a given moment. In the beginning the forest path was still very passable and we met a Malay man, completely wet with sweat, who returned from his trip. They always ask where you come from, so he did also. He told us, that it was very beautiful at the top of the waterfall and that there was a suspension bridge, that we could cross. It was still a quarter of an hour's walk. We continue enthusiastically our walk. The path, however, became increasingly inaccessible, but since we knew about the suspension bridge and so we wanted to continue ou walk so much.

Joop op de hangbrug.

After half an hour my husband said: "Only 5 minutes and then we'll turn back", because there was nothing to see of a suspension bridge or waterfall. We thought we were lost in the jungle, although it was hardly possible, because there was only one path. The rest was all jungle around us. I always walked a bit behind and suddenly I heard Joop laughing very loudly. He had found the suspension bridge, I asked what was so nice, but he said, "Come and see, this is a real laugh." I was shocked, because there was a very crooked suspension bridge over a ravine. After a while, we saw that the suspension bridge was "reasonably" firm and Joop went out to try the bridge. I took a picture of him and joked: "This is perhaps the last photo on which you are!!!" Of course I did not want to stay behind and I also tried to walk on the suspension bridge, I went to the middle of the path on the bridge, where I had a fantastic view of the waterfall.
Water flush from the mountain, fall from 300m away then hit to the rock pool at the bottom, the resounding echoes are just like hitting thousands of drums in front of you.
Waterfall was not running fast, some water trickled down the mountain, so we thought that there should be more to see uphill. We climbed a little bit higher, but the path became really bad and we had to go back !! So back over the suspension bridge and the descent started.

Een stroomversnelling

After one hour we were back at the parking lot. There was a stall with some food and drinks. Usually they have no cold drinks, but fortunately this woman had a polystyrene box with some chilled drinks. My husband a can of Coke, I had an orange and some food, pieces of fried chicken, and we were freshed up.

People are always incredibly nice, so the woman from the stall came to sit and chat with us. It is always difficult, because we do not speak Malay and they do not speak English, but with my little dictionary and our few words Malay it is always a cheerful bunch. We have had to promise to come back with our children one more time. Suddenly there was terrible rain shower, but we heard afterwards that it did not rain at the waterfall. One hour later we drove home.


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