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Bukit Broga
Ben van Wijnen

"For me personally. The terrain is quite difficult to reach the summit and I almost gave up in the middle of the road. Because it may not be accustomed to hiking. But the view and rocks are there worth it. But if invited again probably not."

Broga Hill


Broga town is surrounded by the lush green hills of a tropical rainforest and sits on the edge of the Titiwangsa Range. One of the places of interest here is a Chinese temple located some 2km away from town. It's a Taoist temple in. This temple is set on a picturesque hillside often frequented by hikers to Broga Hill and has unique statues of the Chinese zodiacal animals. Broga Hill is frequented by casual hikers.

The hill is approximately 400m in altitude and is easily climbed by most people. Broga Hill is a 40 minutes drive by car from Kuala Lumpur. There were regular bus services to Broga from Seremban operated by the Foh Hup Omnibus Company. It was a non-profitable route for the company but was operated out of social commitment. Now local buses ferry residents from the nearby Semenyih Sentral.
The hilltop is unique as it is rather devoid of trees, which is an uncommon sight amongst tropical rainforest. Remnants of burnt out tree trunks indicate that the area may have been ravaged by a forest fire and the trees did not grow again. It offers a good view of the surrounding area and has become a popular picnic and photography spot. On a breezy day, the view once you reach the top is excellent. 

The entrance starts at left from an oil palm estate opposite a Rabbit Fun Land. The estate owner cashes on the glut of visitors during weekends and public holidays by charging RM 2 per vehicle that parks on his grounds.

From the peak, you get a spacious view of the plains, coated by a mixture of rain forest, oil palm plantations, villages and towns, along with distant mountains. At dawn, mist rising from the ground from the warmth of the sun envelops the landscape in a carpet of white, evoking a surreal atmosphere. The view is really nice!

View from Bukit Broga


Broga Hill, which located at Semenyih is a place where people frequently visit during the weekend or school holidays. The entrance to Broga Hill is actually an oil palm estate which is directly opposite the rabbit farm.
One of the obvious landmark that you will passby before Broga Hill will be the University Nottingham Campus (Malaysia) on your left. Just keep on go further until you reach the rabbit farm. There will be a person charging RM2 for parking inside the estate. If you want to save the RM2 for the food (Panmee/ABC) later, just park your car at the roadside.



   Ben van Wijnen




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