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Books about Malaysia

On this site are the most important ravelguides about Malaysia, but this list can be improved.
So it's not complete. Once I discovered in a cd-rom shop a cd-rom of Penang. On the cover they mentioned also other states of Malaysia, like Kelantan. I bought it and when I came home there was a failure on the cd-rom. So I know there must a lot of cd-roms about the whole of Malaysia, but I don't know 
Can you improve this site? Please let me know, mail me!


    Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei Lonely Planet
    Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Rough Guide
    Frommer's Singapore & Malaysia Jennifer Eveland
    Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei Nelles 
    Pocket Guide Malaysia Berlitz
    Independent Traveler's Thailand, Singapore, & Malaysia Thomas Cook paperback
    A Visual Journey S.L. Wong
    The treasures and pleasures of Singapore and Malaysia Ronald L., Ron,and Caryl Rae Krannich
    Nine Dayak Nights W.R.Geddes & Raseh anak Lutong
    In Borneo Jungles, among the dayak headhunters William O. Krohn
    Glimpses from Sarawak past Joan Lo
    Sketches of our live at Sarawak Harriette Mcdougall
    Longhouse in Sarawak Mora Dickson
    A Borneo Journey into death Peter Metcalf
    The field book of a jungle wallah Charles Hose
    Among primitive peoples in Borneo Ivor H.N.Evans
    Into the heart of Borneo Redmond O'Hanlon
    Into the heart of Borneo Robert Payne
    Living in Sarawak Luca invernizzi Tettoni & Edric Ong
    Reflections of Eden Birute' M.F.Galdikas
    Golden dreams of Borneo Alex Ling
    Bidayuh (Bau) - English Dictionary William Nais 
    The Sarawak Museum Journals: Vol XXXII No. 53 (New Series) August 1983
Vol XXXIX No. 60 (New Series) December 1988
Vol XLII No. 63 (New Series) December 1991
Vol XLVI No. 67 (New Series) December 1994: Sources of Iban Traditional History
     Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei Lonely Planet
     Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Rough Guide
     Frommer's Singapore & Malaysia Jennifer Eveland
     Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei Nelles 
     Pocket Guide Malaysia Berlitz
     Independent Traveler's Thailand, Singapore, & Malaysia 2001 Thomas Cook paperback
     A Visual Journey S.L. Wong
     The treasure and pleasures of Singapore and Malaysia Ronald L, Ron,and Caryl Rae Krannich
     Of comb, powder and rouge (about Penang) Yeap Joo Kim
     Moon over Malaya Yeap Joo Kim
     Old Penang (Images of Asia) Sarnia Hayes Hoyt
     Anthony Burgess The Malayan Trilogy
     Nevil Shute A Town Like Alice



     Entrapment  (the trap is set) Movie with a.o.. Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones
This movie is partly set in the Petronas Towers on the night before the Millennium. Sean Connery is the master thief and Catherine Zeta-Jones is an insurance agent.
Playing time: 108 minutes 
Available in most videotheques. 
    Anna and the King A part of the movie was shot on Penang and near Ipoh (Kelly's castle)



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