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Tua Pek Kong Temple

"This is a beautiful temple. If you are a visitor to Bintulu, you must take a photo with the temple. The picture will be very beautiful and colorful, better than you feel. The temple is well maintained and clean. The temple is strategically located to protect those who travel up the river to the plantations."

The Taoist temple of Tua Pek Kong was probably built around 1870. It was a small structure at the time (see the building in the background). The main building and roof covering was built of wood to temporarily house social and other festivities related to Chinese community culture and their beliefs.
The majestic Tua Pek Kong is centrally located in the heart of the ancient city of Bintulu. It is an important landmark in the city. It used to be surrounded by Chinese shops. The temple is in the center opposite the Esplanade and just a stone's throw from the market.

Literally, Tua Pek Kong means "great uncle". It is a God found in Malay (and Indonesian, Singaporean) folk religions. It is the god of wealth. The Chinese community benefited from the boom, which took Bintulu from a sleepy town to an industrial city it still is today. Increasing prosperity meant more resources were available to carry out major rebuilding and renovation works. These took place in 1976, 2009 and 2013, among others. Today, the Tua Pek Kong is completely different from the days leading up to the economic boom. The temple is expertly crafted with great craftsmanship. The rock garden in the courtyard has a waterfall and a dragon fence. These are the special features of this unique temple.

The shop premises around it also followed their example and were given a modern look and design. They are now all built with permanent building materials, mainly masonry, concrete columns and floors with roof tiles or aluminum roofing sheets. Tua Pek Kong Temple is open to worshipers and visitors daily from 6 AM to 7 PM.

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  • Take a short ride on the Bot Tambang (river bus) and visit the nearby fishing village along the Kemena River. You will be amazed at the traditional lifestyle of the Bintulu Melanau like it drying fish, the production of the famous Bintulu Belacan (shrimp paste; trassi), Cencaluk (salted shrimp) and the sago processing is still very much alive and fun to watch. The sight takes you back in time. To the nostalgia of old Bintulu, when it was still a fishing village.

  • Tanjung Batu Beach - As the name suggests, this is perfect spot for sun, sea, sandy beaches and lots of fun. For extra comfort of your outing, there are changing rooms and toilets. If you get hungry you can visit the food and drink stalls. BBQ areas are available for picnickers and campers. It is indeed an ideal place for family outing. Otherwise, you can enjoy the sunset in the evening and the sea breeze during.

  • Taman Tumbina - A zoological and botanical park late introduce you to the flora and fauna. it is located on a 12 hectare site on the Tanjung Batu Coastal Reserve about four kilometers from the center. You can recreate in the park, but it also has an educational function. The park is located on a hill overlooking the South China Sea and the view of the town of Bintulu is certainly a sight to behold and not to be missed. In the park you will see the hornbill, intrepid eagles, orangutans "the flamingos", the only tigers and lions in Borneo "crocodiles, pythons and much more.
    And a walk through the mature gardens and a walk-in aviary is located along the path. Feel the freshness and beauty of the environment.



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