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"Less illusion and richer in experience, we decided to take another bus to Bintulu. For that we first needed a local bus to the express terminal 6 kilometers away from the city. Troubled by a number of taxi drivers who literally and figuratively wanted to drop us off, we waited for the local bus for 1 RM per person and after a crazy ride on the worst road we have ever travelled we finally arrived in Bintulu at 22:00. After 11 hours of travel we had made less than 100 kilometers as the crow flies ... What a day ..!"

Once a small fishing village on the coast of Borneo, Bintulu is now a thriving industrial town and an off-the-beaten-track gem for visitors. This Malaysian city is the perfect jumping-off point for explorations throughout Borneo, and in particular the multitude of spectacular natural wonders.
As a fast-growing industrial city, Bintulu has undergone rapid transformations of late. Bintulu's economic growth is reflected in the expansive construction area and the openings of several international fast food chains in the city. Yes they have KFC operating there 24 hours a day in Bintulu! The cost of living in Bintulu is also very low.

Bintulu Airport (BTU) has a relatively small, but modern terminal, handling approximately 900,000 passengers annually. You can take flights to and from a number of cities in Malaysia from the airport, including destinations such as Miri, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. There are many necessary facilities at Bintulu Airport for an enjoyable flight and a feeling of comfort for the terminal visitors. These facilities include public restrooms, ATMs, currency exchange, parking, spacious waiting room and flight lounges.
Bintulu Airport offers many cafes and shops in the terminal building where passengers can visit and buy their favourite food before boarding. In the arrivals hall of the airport, passengers can get direct taxi services to get to their favourite destinations at an affordable price.

Bintulu Airport is just over 14 miles from the city center, a journey that takes about 30 minutes under normal traffic conditions. Directly in front of the terminal is a large car park where you can park your car.
Bintulu Airport is a hub for multiple airlines serving domestic and international flight routes from the terminal to various destinations in Malaysia and beyond. These airlines include the famous Malaysia Airlines, MASwings and Air Asia. Flight tickets, seat classes, flight time and facilities vary depending on the airlines selected by the passengers. Customers are advised to check the arrival and departure of their flights in advance and arrive at the airport early to avoid problems.

  Destination Frequency Airline
1. Kuala Lumpur 35 weekly Air Asia/ Malaysia Airlines
2. Kuching 35 weekly AirAsia
3. Kota Kinabalu 14 weekly AirAsia
4. Miri 14 weekly MASwings
5. Sibu 14 weekly MASwings
6. Mukah 2x weekly MASwings

Facilities in/ near the building:

  • Public toilets

  • ATM

  • Parking Lots

  • Lounges

  • Cafés and Restaurant



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