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Batu Pahat

"The exterior looked old now, but the condition of the interior and the mix of tenants are still good for a relaxed afternoon. Two of our favourite stores are the popular bookstore and the Al Akhsan sports store. For groceries we went to Pacific. There is a new bubble tea stall that sells Tiger Pearl Tea. Very tasty and there is promotion now."

Dataran Penggaram

Batu Pahat is a small town in Johor, which is not far from the coast and has about 400,000 inhabitants. It lies on the sungai Batu Pahat (river), which flows through the city. It is a confluence of the 2 main rivers in Batu Pahat district, namely Sungai Simpang Kanan and Sungai Simpang Kiri. The mouth of this river is at Pantai Minyak Beku, a coastal town on the west coast.
The area offers an interesting history and many places of interest. For visitors who want to visit the city, there are several attractions that you can enjoy.


Bulatan Simpang Rantai is a roundabout near the center of the city where three roads converge. There is a huge fig tree in the middle of the roundabout. The story goes that they wanted to renew and enlarge the roundabout. They wanted to cut down the fig tree, but when the excavations were finished, a coffin with a shabby body was found here. Therefore, the city council withdrew the plan. True or not, there is no certainty. Now this tree has been designated as a heritage tree, which should not be felled unless special permission is obtained.
At the roundabout is also a popular restaurant called Warong Mat Marican, where you can also enjoy a good breakfast.
Old Street Commercial Center is one of the interesting places you must visit. In Old Street, near the Batu Pahat Mall, you will find many famous restaurants. There is also a sky garden walk on the roofs of the various colonial buildings. Visitors can take a short walk and enjoy the view atop the building, while dining with friends or family.

Old Street Commercial Centre

The largest shopping center in Batu Pahat invites all “shopaholics” to visit it and shop to their heart's content. The Batu Pahat mall is an attraction in itself and it's easy to see why. With an impressive 260 shops, cinema, restaurants, fast food and other eateries, this is the largest shopping center in Batu Pahat and a "must see" for all visitors.
The bustling Karat Market or known as Pasar Karat. This is located on one of the well-known shopping streets. The bustling Karat Market is a shopper's paradise for antique lovers laden with antique treasures, vintage clothing, souvenirs and a wide range of trinkets. This market opens its shutters every Friday to Sunday from 7am to 1pm. On one corner you will find children's items ranging from mini bikes and prams, while the other corner contains second-hand and brand new electronic items at rock-bottom prices. Dive deeper into the sea of ​​goods and you'll find vendors offering collectible coins, antiques, cookware, and even rare furniture for your home. The flea market offers bargains that are hard to resist and you can be sure to go home with a smile on your face.

Batu Pahat Waterpark

Get wet at the Batu Pahat Water Park. This is the place for you to take a dip. Built around the city's famous Merdeka Lake, it is a 44-hectare landscape park. Bring your friends and they can enjoy the whole day there. Once you discover the joy of playing in the water, you won't want to leave.
There is a Glow Recreation Park also in Wet World Batu Pahat. The only attractive Glow Park is the million colorful lights in unique installations! Come along and take your friends with you when the sun goes down to see safari animals, sea creatures and other features illuminated and color your night.

Dataran Penggaram is a square in the center of the city. There is a statue in the shape of a pyramid with two stone hands above it, chiseling a boulder.
Dataran Penggaram is a must-visit place in Batu Pahat as it depicts the origin of the name Batu Pahat. Legend has it that the Siamese soldiers were chiselling rocks in the village of Minyak Beku to collect drinking water after being defeated by the Malacca forces in the 15th century. That gave this country its name, Batu Pahat. During the centennial celebration of the city, a monument with a fountain was built in Dataran Penggaram. This is the town square where annual events such as National Day, Hari Raya and Chinese New Year are celebrated. On normal days, families visit the Dataran to take an evening walk or fly a kite. There are stalls nearby selling food, drinks and toys for children.

Looking for a fun vibrant nightlife in Batu Pahat? Try the nightlife of Batu Pahat at BP Walk, where everything comes alive after sunset. You should visit it especially, when your stomach starts to rumble. It is a long street in the city, which is full of stalls, cafes and shops. This lively street also has a lot to offer to the visitor who wants to relax or shop. They can also try Batu Pahat culinary specialties.




Summit Signature Hotel

For travelers who come for the sights of Batu Pahat, Summit Signature Hotel Batu Pahat is a perfect choice. Only 2 KM away from the city center, this is a good place for guests to enjoy the attractions and activities in the city. Thanks to its convenient location, all major attractions are close to the hotel.
Summit Signature Hotel Batu Pahat also offers many facilities to enrich your stay in Batu Pahat. The hotel's facilities include free Wi-Fi in all rooms, 24-hour security, daily housekeeping, 24-hour front desk, disabled facilities.
The ambiance of the Summit Signature Hotel Batu Pahat is reflected in the design of the rooms. tea, wireless internet (free), air conditioning, desk, minibar are just some of the facilities at your disposal. In addition, the numerous recreational opportunities guarantee that you can enjoy yourself during your stay at the hotel. Whatever the reason for your visit, the Summit Signature Hotel Batu Pahat is an excellent choice for your stay in Batu Pahat.

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