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Menara Alor Setar

"The city of Alor Setar is worth a visit to the TV tower. From the observation deck, the entire city and its surroundings are visible. For shoppers, there is a large, modern shopping center across the street from the TV tower."

Tower Alor Setar

In Alor Setar , the high tower (in Malay: Menara Alor Setar) with a height of 165.5 meters immediately stands out. This is of course the highest point of the mast, which is on top. The observation deck (the lookout) is located at a height of 88 m. This tower is a telecommunication tower, but it is also a tourist attraction in the city, not to be missed. The tower is a viewing tower and it also houses some restaurants and a souvenir shop.

The design of beautiful Menara Alor Setar is inspired by the nickname of Kedah: "Jelapang Padi". This name refers to the landscape of Kedah, which is dominated by rice fields. The shape of the tower should represent a 'Serumpun Padi', or a tied bundle of rice.
You can go up in 48 seconds with the fast lift. Once you have arrived at the top at 88 meters, you are on the "Observation Deck", where five binoculars are ready to view the wide surroundings.


At a height of 100 meters there is a Megaview Banquet Hall, which offers facilities for events such as meetings, seminars, courses, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea for government agencies, companies, NGOs, associations, etc. This is not very interesting for us.

Further up the lift there is the Menara Alor Setar's at 94 meters: a Revolving Restaurant. See the photo on the right. A revolving restaurant or revolving restaurant is usually a tower restaurant dining space designed to rest atop a wide revolving platform that acts like a large turntable.
Here you can dine / lunch very high. This makes it the highest restaurant in Kedah. Sometimes this restaurant is a suitable place for all occasions such as wedding, dinner, lunch, anniversary party and much more.

Recently, the Menara Alor Setar introduced a unique attraction, which gives visitors a new experience. This attraction is called "Star View". They are two glass extensions with a glass floor, which are built on the “Open Deck” at a height of 105 meters. You can see open sky down through the four square meter floor. The constructions are in the official colors of the Kedah flag; green (on the north) and yellow (on the south). The green space gives you a panoramic view of the rice fields and the Gunung Keriang. The yellow glass area shows you historic buildings such as the Masjid Zahir, Balai Besar, Balai Nobat and a view to Langkawi Island.

The constructions of the glass extensions are inspired by the success of the two extensions at Menara Kuala Lumpur. Standing or sitting in it, tourists can enjoy the beauty of Alor Setar, the capital of Kedah. You can reach this attraction by getting back on the elevator.



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