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Tree Dwellers, Animals, Amphibians, and More

For a wide variety of animals, trees serve as a source of protection. For some creatures, trees are a place to eat, sleep, congregate, and raise their offspring. Others benefit from the protection that trees provide from predators and the elements. Understanding the important relationship between trees and wildlife places an additional emphasis on the need to prevent deforestation. Tree-dwelling animals vary depending on the locations of forests in which they reside. In rainforest trees, one may find various species of birds and amphibians, including toucans and tree frogs. Tree-dwelling reptiles include boa species such as the emerald tree boa and the common tree boa in South America. Two- and three-toed sloths are mammals that live in the South and Central American rainforest trees. In the Amazon, jaguars often rest or hunt in trees, while lemurs are an example of mammals found in the forests of Madagascar. In forests around the world are species of monkeys that also call trees home. These are just a small sampling of tree-dwelling animals around the world.

Tree-dwelling animals aren't confined to forests. In urban cities and towns, there are a range of animals that call residential and public trees home. Birds, including owls, are the most expected and arguably the most common animal one might find. Depending on where one lives, however, one might find squirrels, opossums, and even raccoons living in trees.

Science Fair Resource Information

Read about the 2017 S.T.E.A.M Fair Night by clicking on this link to the Laurel Hill Elementary PTA website. On this site, students, parents, and teachers can review guidelines and other fair-related information.

Mrs. Farrell's Elementary School Links

Open this teacher's page for a list of educational resources including links about frogs, science, and animals.

Science Links

View an assortment of animal-related links on this page of the Alden School website. Visitors to the site will find links on subjects such as whales, fish, birds, earth science, health, electricity, and general science.

Sember Sharpe Resource Page for Buchanan Elementary School

Students who click this page will find an assorted list of informational links on things like apples, bats, the senses, and habitats.

Mrs. Stutts's Science Web Sites

Shepherd Elementary School features this list of science resources list by category. Categories include biomes, rainforests, elephants in Africa, and National Geographic Explorer.

Michele Lund Resource Page

People who click this link to the Michele Lund page on the Glenmeade Elementary website will find a list of assorted Internet links and student-created slide shows.

Animal Growth and Change

This link opens a page of animal-related resources on the Saskatoon Public Schools North Park Wilson Library site. The page includes links to the National Geographic, the Rainforest Alliance, and teacher resources.

Capt. Isaac Paine Elementary School Library: Rainforests

On this page, students and parents will find helpful links to assorted rainforest resources, including the Rainforest Alliance learning site.

Rainforest Animals and Tree Removal

Click this link to review a page that lists links to information on rainforest animals. The page also explains the emergent layer, rainforest canopy, and forest floor.

Rainforest Links

Created by Mrs. Beedles at Flinders Public School, this page provides links to quizzes, worksheets, maps, and other information that's ideal for students who are interested in rainforests.

Effortless Ways to Begin Decorating Like a Pro

This article discusses buying and decorating with new and used furniture. The page also includes a few tips on cleaning and safety while redesigning.

Caution: Golf Netting Required

People who enjoy playing golf can click this link to read and watch a video about golf nets and why they are useful. The page includes a guide on homemade golf netting.

Tree-Trimming, Removal, and Care

On this page, Green's Tree Service outlines their tree care and removal services, why they are needed, and what affects their cost.

Free Palm Tree Removal

Click this link and discover how much Foundation Masters charges to remove palm trees and stumps. Information on free tree removal is also discussed on this page.

Tree Removal Service

Read about pricing factors and levels of service associated with the removal of trees by clicking on this link to the Advance Tree Service website. The page also discusses stump removal.

Murfreesboro Tree Removal Program

Residents of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, who click this link can review information on the Tree Removal Program. The page also includes a link to policies and procedures.

Bay Laurel Removal

Recommendations and research on the removal of California bay laurel is the primary topic for visitors to this University of California College of Natural Resources page.

Public Shade Tree Removal Application (PDF)

People who need a public shade tree removed in the town of Upton, Massachusetts, can click this link to print and fill out an application for removal.

Tree Removal

This link to the Mississippi State University Extension site features information about tree removal and care in disaster situations.

Fall Photos

Visit this page on the Kalamazoo College Lillian Anderson Arboretum website to view a photograph of a fallen tree during removal.

Tree Removal Application Form (PDF)

Before removing a tree, residents and businesses in the city of Ladue should print, read, and fill out this application form.

University Tree Removal and Landscape Policy for Leaseholders

Click on this link to read the Sewanee University policies for dealing with living and dead trees on the property.

Tree-Trimming and Pruning

Residents of Miami Springs who click this page can read information on tree-trimming and pruning and download supporting documents by clicking the associated links.

Large-Tree Removal in a Mixed-Conifer Forest Halves Productivity and Increases White Fir (PDF)

Open this link to read a research article on the removal of large trees.

Professional Consultation: Tree/Plant Removal Permit (PDF)

Prior to removing a tree or plant, click this link to the San Bernardino County Land Use Services Department Planning Division to print, read, and complete this removal permit form if applicable.

Tree Regulations

Property owners and contractors in the city of Des Moines may click this link to read a document on tree regulations. The document answers when a permit is and is not required to cut down a tree, types of permits required, and limitations on removal, cutting, and pruning.

Renovating the Lawrence and Eris Field Building at 17 Lexington Ave.

This link announces the schedule to remove a tree from the corner of 23rd Street near Lexington Avenue.

Tree-Trimming Policy

Tree removal and trimming policies are outlined on this page of the city of Mattoon website. A brief outline of the purpose of the policy is also featured on this page along with additional public works links.

Pruning Fruit Trees

On this page, visitors will find suggestions for pruning various types of fruit trees

Preventing Chainsaw Injuries During Tree Removal After a Disaster

Learn how to safeguard against injuries that are caused by using a chainsaw by clicking on this link. This CDC page also warns against injury from branches and bent trees.

Brush and Tree Removal

This page on the Taunton, Massachusetts, website reviews programs for the maintenance and removal of brush and trees. People who click the link will also find a brief overview of procedures for tree-trimming and removal




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