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Lin Ye Kong Temple

Ben van Wijnen

The Lin Ye Kong temple is located slightly north of Teluk Nipah. The Chinese temple was built in honor of Kuan Ying or the Goddess of Mercy (Goddess of Grace). An image of Kuan Yin looking out over the bay. It is built on an excellent rock and is about ten meters from the road. A rough, narrow and unpaved path cuts through the slightly wooded path to a wooden bridge leading to the entrance of the temple. From the temple you have a good view over the sea. "Lin Ye Kong Temple" literally means "temple of the friendly spirits".
The temple is at the end of Coral Bay, just on the edge of the rainforest! This is in a very strange place for a temple, but it has reasonable interesting images ... A bit strange !!!

Yes, yes ..... many websites exchange the Fu Lin Kong temple with the Lin Ye Kong temple. The differences are great. The first one has an entrance with large boulders while the Lin Ye Konh has an entrance with Disney characters.
It looks like a small, psychedelic temple, decorated with statues of giant mushrooms, a turtle (where you can sit for a photo), a mermaid and, of course, Donald Duck. Why people use a cartoon theme is unclear. Maybe to attract more visitors, because the temple is somewhat remote.
The temple is wedged between the forest and the waterfront. It is accessible from the beach at low tide or from a small path from Jalan Teluk Nipah. This unusual temple honors the goddess Kuan Yin (goddess of mercy) as well as perhaps Walt Disney, with a collection of colorful statues, such as a frog, crane and the figures mentioned, which emphasize the surrounding landscape.
The entrance contains a large duck of cement and a rat, which wears circus clothing. He welcomes everyone with a friendly greeting.

An outside staircase leads to a more traditional temple, while the lower walkways sway along the waterfront. Although a huge, savage-looking mermaid guards the coast, a few benches allow every passer-by to rest and take in everything. There is also a mini waterfall.
In the actual temple, which is reached after the stairs, there are statuettes of the Chinese gods. Here the Chinese can honor their Gods.  


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