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Value is a well-known new town known as a cheap shopping location. It is illegal to travel to Negeri Sembilan you must stop here in Nilai. The shopping privileges in Nilai are the visitors need not go anywhere to find the desired items. Everything is in one location, the business area provided. In addition here are also some other tourist attractions such as educational tourism, nature attractions and places of interest.
There are some tourist attractions in Visiting Points if you are on holiday here. Unlike other holiday locations, this city attraction is more about shopping and education. Here's a quick list and shopping list, educational tourism and other attractions available in Negeri Sembilan Value.
Points of interest in Nilai that must be visited is Value 3 Wholesale Center.
It is a shopping mall which houses a variety of goods sold in wholesale and retail. This area of 165 hectares has 750 stores and was introduced in December 2001. Among the items here are handicrafts, furniture and clothing such as clothes, scarves, telesales, ties and other textile items. In addition, there are also various wedding accessories, car accessories and home jewelry items such as jewelry, carpets and curtains.

Square Value is a major tourist attraction for shopping at Nilai. It is a covered area between a furniture store and a home décor built to house stalls selling various items, especially clothing and fabrics. There are items that are sold in wholesale and the prices offered are relatively cheap. Many foreign traders come here to get their stock of business. While goods sold in retail are largely cheaper than regular stores. The business at Nilai Square is very similar to Cambodian Malay Market but the difference here is more organized and the facilities provided are better. It is indeed an interesting place in Nilai that can not be missed by anyone who travels to Negeri Sembilan.

If you are looking for a place of interest at Night Value, Dataran Nilai is quite lively especially on week nights. Many bring families to relax, eat and play with family members here.

Dataran Nilai

Among the places to visit in Value are the Nilai Public Park. It is a four-hectare recreation area with 1 KM jogging track facility, children's playground, stretching equipment, basketball court, sepak takraw and football field. The recreation park is a place of recreation especially the students of the institutions in Nilai city.

The location of the locals to relax with family is Dataran Nilai. It is centrally located and easy to reach. Here there is a clock tower that becomes the landmark of Nilai, a relatively large mini amphitheater and a handicraft building. Parking facilities and a children's playground are also available. Dataran Nilai has an attractive landscape and is ideal for those who like to draw pictures.

For those who want to experience the village life and see the way of life, customs and culture of the community, Homestay Kampung Pelegong is an exciting destination that can be your holiday destination. A variety of cultural programs are organized throughout the year here. Visitors have the chance to follow the daily routine of villagers who conduct various activities including freshwater fish farming, making bread, handicraft and trying various activities such as rubber tapping, fishing, river bathing and traditional cakes. Visitors can also learn traditional games such as long pole, congkak, seremban and jade.

Some interesting places to eat are at Nilai Negeri Sembilan which you can visit to dine. Some provide local recipes, local flavors and do not miss the appetizing western food.



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