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Melaka Monorail

Ben van Wijnen

Melaka Monorail

After Kuala Lumpur, to date now Melaka will start to have an active monorail system. As the aim to reduce traffic congestion at Bandar Hilir Area, actually it focus more on enhancing tourist activities along the Melaka River that past through Heritage Area. You can see it clearly at its based station in Taman Rempah / the River Cruise first ticketing counter – grey coloured.
Besides the monorail, several other features such as mini roller coaster ride is also being developed at the Hang Tuah station.

Phase One of Melaka Monorail connects one station at Taman Rempah (Spice Gardens) at Mata Kuching and another station (Hang Tuah Station) at the back of the former Cathay Cinema. The distance is about 1.6 km. Phase one is operating now!
Phase one: Hang Jebat Station ------- 1.6 km -----------> Hang Tuah Station
Phase two: Hang Jebat Station ----> Hang Tuah Station ---->Hang Tuah Mall -----> Jalan Tun Ali, Hang Jebat Bridge -------> Hang Jebat Station.
Phase two will be ready later.

The monorail track is 1.6 km long and will connect two stations namely Jebat Station at Taman Rempah and Tuah Station near the Melaka Eye. Each station is about 2,500 sq. ft in area and will be built at about 7.2 meters above the ground.
The monorail train can also accommodate 80 passengers at any one time and it will travel at a ground speed of about 12km per hour only.
For the Roller Coaster, it will be built at about 33 ft above ground and has a track length of 1,100 ft. Besides the Roller Coaster and the glider, public facilities like toilets, surau, kiosks and an open square will be built to enhance the comfort of visitors.
Melaka wishes of attracting 13 million tourists to Melaka by 2020 will be realized. This project will improve the living standards of Malaccans by raising the quality of life of surrounding environment

Cruise en monorail by night






  Ben van Wijnen




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