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Ben van Wijnen

When I told my Malaysian friend (Chinese) of myplans going to the Genting Highlands, he didn't react very enthusiast. Perhapshe was never been there.
"Have you ever been there?", I asked him.
"Yes", he answered, "A long time ago I've been there several times for my holidays. We rented with some friends a bungalow. The last time I've been there must be ten years ago".
"Didn't you like the Genting Highlands? You're not so enthusiast. Do I have to change my plans and go somewhere else?", I proposed.
"No", was his answer, "You must go. You must go to the casino and see, how Chinese gamble!"

And so I drove in my Rental car on the road from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan. The four-lane road winded to above. The road was busy with trucks and vans. When we came to the highest point.
Here should be a tunnel, they told me. And after the tunnel you must turn to the right. So I did. Signs also told me, that this was the way to the Genting Highlands. We saw a lot of houses sown the road and at the exit of the highway, with among them McDonalds.

Now the road became more steep and more windy. Now and then a taxi from Kuala Lumpur passed me from behind to deliver his guests to the casino. Also speed bumps were very popular in the mountains. These are also well known in the Genting Highlands..


The more I came higher, the more the road became steep. Suddenly I drove along some hotels. Now we had to choose a hotel and book a room with a view. But.....all the parking garage was full and....all the parking places were full.
No need to worry! 
I stopped at the most expensive hotel "The Genting Hotel", that seemed the best to me. Got out of the car and handed my car keys to the bellboy. I asked him, if he knew a parking place for my car. He replied, that there was a special parking place for the guests of the hotel and that he would park my car. Next step was going to the reception. Booked a room and told the bellboy my room number for the suitcases. 

We were high in the mountains. When I draw back the curtains, I see only clouds. A few moments later they are gone. Clouds come and float away.  Sometimes I can't even see my car, which must be standing below me..

Genting in the mist

That afternoon we wanted to go to the casino: my wife, my daughter (18) and me. The casino is open 24 hours a day, isn't it? So, I put on my shirt and tie. My wife and daughter had a dress, who was revealing for Malaysia, I thought.
"You never get in in", I said.
"Of course we do", they replied.
So, we should try. And we went to the entrance of the casino. My two ladies walked right in!!!! And me???
"Sorry sir, you're not allowed. You can't go in like this! You have short sleeves. That must be long sleeves. You can rent over there a Batik shirt", and he showed me where to rent a shirt. 
So I rented a Batik shirt for RM 5 and I could also get in the casino.

I gave us all RM 100 to gamble. First we saw a lot of one armed bandits. Then we saw people playing roulette, blackjack, tai sai or baccarat. My wife and my daughter walked straight to the one armed bandits. The casino hall was extremely big. I saw all kind of restaurants. Some with fast-food; some with Malaysian dishes.
I tried also the one armed bandit, but my attention attracted by the roulette. Not to play, but to have a look! I gave my money to my wife (she was almost broke) and walked to the roulette tables. 

There were a lot of Chinese around the table. Money was changed into counters to play roulette. Some won and some took their loss without loosing their face. A heap of money was changed again: all banknotes of RM 100. The Chinese are really players. Win or loose: it don't seem to touch them!  Money was thrown on the gambling table to change and again they played. I was impressed by their gambling. 
So this is what my "Chinese" friend  meant by saying "you should go to the casino and see, how Chinese gamble". 

golf course

   Easy Booking Bustickets Online to thr Genting:

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In Malaysia you have to be 21 to go into the casino. Chinese and other races are allowed to gamble, except Malay people, because all Malays in Malaysia are Muslim (Islam). Their religion doesn't allow them to do so.
When a Chinese marries a Malay girl, he has to choose a new (Malay) name. Than he can't go anymore to the casino. To enter the casino you must have an identity card. Sometimes the doorman controls, sometimes they don't. When I was in the casino, there were a lot of bachelors, I think.
Besides the casino, there are a some golf courses on the Genting Highlands for those who love it. You can't sit all day on a chair in the casino! 
There's also a theme park with a roller coaster and a carting. The park was for us a little bit old fashioned. During our day in the Genting, there were only a few people. You didn't have to queue up. . 
The Chinese Malaysians come to the Genting Highlands for gambling. Outside they don't like it. It's too cold for them (20 degrees). The only people you see outside, are couples with children. They come for the theme park.

In the evening a lot of taxi's are coming from Kuala Lumpur with people, who like to gamble. With money that they have earned that day.
O.......I forgot! My wife lost all the money and my daughter.....she won!!! She bought coloured contact lenses for that money!

Transport to the Genting.

There's a limousine service available from your hotel.

Genting Transport Reservations Centre
(603) 6251 8398 or (603) 6253 1762

Limousine Service Counter
(KLIA Sepang)
(603) 8776 6753 or (603) 8787 4451

Limousine Service Counter
(Genting Highlands)
(603) 6101 1118 Ext 7750 or 7916

Buses to the Genting:

Ticketing Office: Counter No.43, Ground Floor,
Pudu Sentral Bus Station, Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours: 7am - 7pm (Monday - Sunday)
Tel: (603) 2072 6863
Counter 57 & 58 Mezzanine Floor, 
Pasarakyat, No. 8 Jalan Melati 
Off Jalan Imbi / Tun Razak,
Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours : 8.00am - 7.00pm
Tel: 603-21484300 / 21486300
Genting counter at Level 2,
KL Sentral Station
Ticketing Office: Ticketing Counter,
Terminal Putra LRT Gombak.
Opening Hours:
7.30am - 7pm Monday - Saturday.
8.30am - 7pm on Sunday
Tel: (012) 2369 611
6.30am 7.00am 7.45am 8.30am 9.00am 9.30am 10.00am 10.30am 11.00am 11.30am 12.00nn
and every hour until 9.00pm




  First World Hotel

The world's largest hotel First World Hotel is adjoined to the First World Plaza, which boasts 500,000 sq feet of indoor theme park, shopping centre and food galore. A lush, grand tropical rainforest greets guests at the main entrance of the First World Hotel, followed by a spacious Spanish courtyard lobby. All rooms are comfortably furnished with modern amenities.
Room Features:-
- Two single beds or 1 queen sized bed
- TV
- In-house movie channels
- Shower
Facilities: Banquet and meeting facilities, business centre, indoor theme park, shopping centre, cineplex, casino, non-smoking rooms, interconnecting rooms, handicapped facilities, Internet access, hot/cold water dispenser at the corridor, car park (free parking).
Dining: Ristorante Torcello's, First World Cafe, Hou Mei Noodles House, Restoran Hainan Kitchen, Lakeview Seafood Restaurant, The Patio, Plaza Cafe, Causeway Bay Restaurant, Platinum Curry House, Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant, fast food restaurants.

Rooms from USD 75per night


First World Hotel <click>



  Ria Apartment

Each of the 28 rooms at this 2-star hotel have all the comforts and conveniences of home. Included in all rooms are shower, fan, television. Other features at the hotel include laundry service/dry cleaning, car park. Everything the hotel does is centered around the guest' experience, ensuring comfort and relaxation.



Rooms from USD 43 per night


Ria Apartment <click>



  Theme Park Hotel

Theme Park Hotel is conveniently located within easy reach from the Arena of Stars and Genting Theme Park, with its myriad attractions for the young and old alike.
there are non-smoking rooms, interconnecting rooms, handicapped facilities, Internet access, hot/cold water dispenser at the corridor, hair dryer, iron and ironing board, baby cot, car park (free parking).
have a good dinner at Happy Valley Restaurant, Penang Food Village, Genting World Kafe and in fast food restaurants.
Room Features:-
- TV
- In-house movie channels
- In-house radio
- Long bath
- Ceiling fan
Dining: Happy Valley Restaurant, Penang Food Village, Genting World Kafe, fast food restaurants.

Rooms from USD 56 per night


Theme Park Hotel <click>



  Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort

Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort Genting Highlands is certainly a refreshing getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Located on a hill, the Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort is surrounded by a lush tropical jungle. The Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort offers spacious guestrooms with modern amenities, a well-equipped conference room, 17 function rooms, and an 18-hole award winning golf course.
At the Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort, guests can enjoy nature gifts of a myriad of flora and fauna at its best by trekking into the rainforest, and be refreshed in the heated pools.


Rooms from USD 48 per night


Awana <click>






   Ben van Wijnen

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