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Malaysian Grand Prix 2017
Max Verstappen (Red Bull)

In the mid 1990s, Malaysia was undergoing a huge change. Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia's Prime Minister was determined that by 2020, the country would be a fully industrialised nation. The best way to do this, it was thought, was through the auto trade.

The nation's number one oil company, Petronas, began investing heavily in Formula One with Sauber, and Malaysia's national car company, Proton, bought Lotus Engineering.

The most extravagant part of the plan however was the building of a multimedia 'supercorridor', linking Kuala Lumpur's new international airport with the capital city itself.

Mahathir ordered that a Grand Prix track be constructed too, and not just any track. He wanted to create a track that would be the envy of the world in terms of its facilities and technology. What he got was the Sepang International Circuit, and on its 1999 debut it did not disappoint.

Race results - 2017
Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix

Pos.  Driver Team
1.  M. Verstappen Red Bull
2.  L. Hamilton Mercedes
3.  D. Ricciardo Red Bull
4.  S. Vettel Ferrari
5.  V. Bottas Mercedes
6.  S. Perez Force India Mercedes
7.  S. Vandoorne McLaren Honda
8.  L. Stroll Williams Mercedes
9.  F. Massa Williams Mercedes
10.  E. Ocon Force India Mercedes
11.  F. Alonso McLaren Honda
12.  K. Magnussen Haas Ferrari
13.  R. Grosjean Haas Ferrari
14.  P. Gasly Torro Rosso
15.  J. Palmer Renault
16.  N. Hulkenberg Renault
17.  R. Wehrlein Sauber Ferrari
18.  M. Ericson Sauber Ferrari
C. Sainz Torro Rosso
K. Raikkonen Ferrari



Start, Sepang International Circuit

FMax Verstappen and Hamilton

In the pits


Max Verstappen

Year    Driver Team    Speed Pitstops    Time
2017 Max Verstappen Red Bull     1:37:12.776
2016 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull     1:37:12.776
2015 Sebastian Vettel Mercedes     1:41:05.793
2014 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes     1:59:431
2013 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull - Renault 188.231 km 3 1:38:56,681
2012  Fernando Alonso Ferrari     2:44:51
2011   Sebastian Vettel RBR-Renault     1:41.53,9
2010    Sebastian Vettel RBR-Renault     1:33:48,412
2009    Jenson Button Brawn-Mercedes     0:55:30,622
2008    Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari     2    1:31:18,555 
2007    Fernando Alonso McLaren     2    1:30:40,529  
2006    Giancarlo Fisichella Renault     2    1:30:40,529  
2005    Fernando Alonso Renault     2    1:31:33,736  
2004    MichaelSchumacher    Ferrari     3    1:31:07,490   
2003    Kimi Raikkonen    McLaren     2    1:32:22,195   
2002    Ralf Schumacher    Williams     1    1:34:12,912   
2001    Michael Schumacher    Ferrari     2    1:47:34,801   
2000    Michael Schumacher    Ferrari     2    1:35:54,235   
1999    Eddie Irvine    Ferrari        1:36:38,494   



  Ben van Wijnen



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